Email Etiquettes: Things to Remember

The entire world is shrinking into an online niche, and everything is finding its place online. In a rapidly digitizing world, email etiquette is gaining more importance than ever before. What’s that one thing that pisses you the most about an email? I think when I see an email with many different fonts used here […]

How to Sell Residential Real Estate?

I remember 2005, when people were jumping around to invest in properties in India. Real estate developers would put up an ad in a newspaper, and by the end of the day their properties would get sold out. Things have dramatically changed since then. Today, real estate developers are struggling to sell their premium properties […]

How to develop a magnetic personal brand

Confession: I’m a huge shopaholic! I just can’t keep myself away from stores for a long time. Like every typical girl, when I go shopping, I sift through hundreds of dresses, and hundreds of brands to find the one most perfect. There’s so much that runs through my mind when I’m shopping. The color, the pattern, the design, […]

Luxury Pens: An Exclusive Industry

Pens never go out of fashion. Luxury pens are often a great gifting option. Many companies give luxury pens to their best performers. It works as a motivator for others to work harder. There’s no other gift as suitable as a top-class fountain pen for a parting employee. Some simply love to collect the best […]

CEO Burnout: How To Avoid It

A couple of years ago, one of my best friends landed what seemed like the career opportunity of a lifetime. She became the CEO of a small but visionary communications company. She’d already survived an MBA at a top school in Europe and several high-responsibility positions at other firms. For the first three months or […]

Craveller Inc Media Launch on Nov 12, 2016

BANGALORE, Nov 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Craveller Inc. announced today that actress Radhika Apte is scheduled to be a special guest at their Bangalore media launch event on November 12th. Radhika Apte is a native of Pune, India who launched her acting career working with the theater troupe Aasakta. Since her first film appearance in 2005 […]

Should You Ever Fire A Customer?

All throughout our business career, we’ve been conditioned to believe that “customer is king,” and we need to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. Back in business school, more that a decade ago, a professor asked us “Should we ever let go a customer?” At the time, I didn’t understand the question because […]

7 Habits That Save You Time

Regardless of where we work and what kind of work we do, we all face time management issues. Being in a busy corporate environment is fun as well as taxing. I loved the corporate life. However, one thing that I had to sacrifice at all times was my sleep. Why? Because I needed 25 hours in a day […]