Looking for a Job Portal to Recruit Top Talent: Check out these

10 Recruiting Websites Online

The success of a business depends a lot on the quality of its employees. Attracting and keeping quality employees is a massive challenge for most companies. Once a business decides that there is an open position, how do businesses go about promoting this position? Some companies use recruitment firms, but recruitment firms are expensive and NOT always reliable. Another option is your local newspaper or a job portal. But which job portal to use? Here is a list of job portals to list your job openings. Some specialize with certain types of jobs.

1. Bloggerhangout.com/jobs

Blogging has become a specialized function in most businesses. Companies use content marketing to grow their business, which has opened a new job title called “Blogger.” If you are explicitly hiring bloggers, then Blogger Hangout is perhaps the best job portal to recruit bloggers.

2. SalesJobsFinder.com

If you are looking to hire for sales roles, then this is the perfect website for you.

3. Monster.com

Monster.com is undoubtedly the most significant job search website, and it reaches every nook and corner of the world. The unique feature of this site is “International Search,” which will net you opportunities from all corners of the globe. Other essential aspects of the Monster website is the free ‘home page,’ resume posting and a variety of ‘career tools’ which enable candidates to find jobs that suit their interests and skills.

4. Jobs.com

Like Monster, Jobs.com is a site with a unique feature to search jobs internationally. Other major features are ‘additional search options’ where you can search any country whether it is the Middle East, United Kingdom, or the Pacific.  Job.com also publishes the resumes for the employers to view and has more than 70,000 listings.

5. HotJobs

Yahoo! HotJobs is another popular website that has earned popularity among job seekers. As it is a Yahoo site, it has the ‘look and feel’ of Yahoo besides good content, which is the specialty of Yahoo. Other important aspects are tools like Yahoo answers and a lot of articles. The powerful search engine gets you hundreds of listings from all over the world.

6. Net Temps

Temporary workers will find it easy to use Net-Temps website. The website is almost similar to other job search websites with an additional feature allowing job seekers to filter the search results based on temporary or full-time work. Many job seekers just want a job to pay the bills, but the only difference between full-time workers and freelancers is the period of work.

7. Indeed

The job site gives you a list of jobs from various other websites similar to what Dogpile provides – a list of results from search engines like Yahoo and Google. The search results are from job recruiting sites like CareerBuilder, Monster, and HotJobs as well as individual employer websites.

8. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is another popular job search website. CareerBuilder has all the features of HotJobs and Monster like resume posting, ‘job alerts,’ searching jobs by industry/company/country/place.

9. All Job Search

Another website with a meta-search engine is AllJobSearch. This website can search through multiple sources, and the search reaches almost 300 newsgroups, 200 websites, and more than 500 newspapers. The service covers countries like UK, Canada, and U.S. However, one disadvantage of AllJobSearch is that it gives you a list of outside links like Monster or HotJobs and will search that particular link with your job search terms. It’s time-saving, the results are not as expected, and hence, many people do not use this website.

10. Simply Hired

SimplyHired attracts a lot of first-time job seekers. SimplyHired has a ‘tools’ section with tools like salary information, trend research which is available based on occupation and location. SimplyHired also provides information through email alerts.

11. College Recruiter

With the trend in recruiting changing, a lot of the companies advertise their entry-level positions in college career centers. Some employers advertise these positions only with universities. CollegeRecruiter is one of the websites that has a network of more than 11,000 career sites, including those of military offices, universities, and colleges. This is a website that is most suited to employers who are looking to hire for entry-level positions.


Job portals are some of the most common ways to list jobs and attract talent. Using the right one for the right job helps you attract the most relevant candidates.



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