3 Ways To Get More Leads For Your Business

3 Ways To Get More Leads For Your Business

End of the day business is about getting more leads and closing those leads. If you already have too many leads, then you are probably doing something right.

This article is for people who want to generate more leads for their business.

Lead Source #1: Press releases

Press releases are a FREE way of generating leads for your business. A press release is a statement you send out to the media that you believe is newsworthy. If you are being mentioned in the media very often, you could become famous very soon. As some famous marketer said “every business is show business.”

Lot of people who do not have connections in the media hire PR firms to write press releases for them and to create a story angle that interests the media. But you should remember that not all PR firms are the same. Some are good at what they do and there are several others who won’t get you much coverage in the media. The problem with most PR firms is that you have to pay them even if they don’t get you the desired results. It’s important that you make sure that your PR firm is compensated based on results rather than the time they spend on your project. If you do decide to use a PR firm, you may want to consider using a legal services firm to draft an agreement (contract) with the PR agency. This could save you a lot of heartache later on if things don’t go well.

Lead Source #2: Bill boards

Depending on the business you are in, advertising on bill boards can generate leads as well as give you the brand recollection you need.

Bill boards are those huge boards you see near traffic signals. For a bill board to work well, it should be positioned in a high traffic area and the copy and visuals have to catch attention. Don’t try to stuff too much copy on the bill board because traffic passing by may not have the chance or the time to read it. Try using copy that is short and hard hitting.

Bill boards are not only near traffic signals, bill board space is sold in malls, even your strip mall, in retail stores, in front of your house (you may want to check out local regulation regarding this, because local regulation may prohibit you from putting up a banner or a bill board in front of your house).

You could even try negotiating some bill board or display space with your neighborhood grocer. Depending on your product and the type of customers you are targeting, this may work out well for you. This may sound obvious but you should buy bill board space only in places where you believe your target market hangs out and have the best chance of being exposed to your marketing message.

Lead Source #3: Google Pay-Per-Clicks

You’d think every business today advertises on google. With about 91 million searches a day google is clearly a top tool for consumers searching for information.

Should your business advertise on google?

I have a slightly different take on this. Most internet marketing gurus think every business should be on google. Yes it helps if your consumers use the internet to find information about your product. But if your consumers do not use the internet to find information about you, then google may not be that useful to you.

If you are a local coffee shop targeting high school students in the neighborhood then a bill board advertisement close to the school with directions to your coffee shop might make more sense than a Google Pay-Per-Click ad.

But there is one place on google where you can list your business for free. It is google’s local business listings where customers can find local businesses in their area. Their website is www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter

This is something you should make use of right away.


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