4 Reasons To Attend A Business Conference

Attending a business conference can sometimes be a lot of fun. The learning and networking opportunities can be very valuable. Many business owners have met their partners and some of their largest customers at a business conference. The best ideas come when great minds come together.

Here are some reasons you should attend a business conference.

#1 To Learn

Business conferences, conclaves and seminars give the greatest opportunities to learn- from both the success and the mistakes of others. And sometimes even well-seasoned giants of the industry could get fresh ideas from newbies.

#2 Network

In the age of social media and digital technology, in-person networking looks like a thing of the past. But nothing beats person-to-person interaction. Because a webinar cannot give you the insights of body language. Nor, can a LinkedIn profile bring across your stunning personality. If you need to impress somebody or get an accurate look into who you might want to partner with in the future, networking in person is beats all online any day.

#3 Finding potential clients

You are always the best promoter of your business. So a business conference can also be used to leverage your expertise, make others look up to you, or make an impact on some of your potential clients. So, attending a business conference need not only be about gaining knowledge and listening to speakers, it can also be a great place for business development.

#4 Sparking creativity

Stepping out of your offices and meeting some fresh faces might just be what you need, to stay at the top of your game. And this can be all the more value adding, when that break could come in the form of a business conference. Because here you get to break a routine while networking and learning new things. What is more, you might be able to come up with new ideas when you talk to other professionals that could help you grow and excel in your profession. After all, the best ideas come when you least expect it.

If you still find yourself in a dreadfully useless conference that shows absolutely no use in any of the above mentioned ways, and things just don’t happen to be working out, sit back, with a cup of tea and look at it as a well deserved break from the hectic routine you usually find yourself in. Because sometimes, the time to relax, is when you don’t have time for it.

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Also see what some of readers have to say below.

Questions we’ve been discussing:

Q. How many business conferences do you attend in a year?

A. Claire Treacutevien (Marketing Manager)

I attend between 3-5 business conferences per year. They range from legal and accounting conferences to more general marketing and digital ones.

A. Cormac Reynolds (Online Marketer)

I tend to attend one or two business conferences a year – Brighton SEO being one – which is soon. Conferences are good for a number of reasons in my opinion – providing you with a chance to meet people old and new, share ideas with people you might not otherwise be able to and also just to learn.

Q. What are your top reasons to attend a business conference?

A. Matt B Gates (Web Developer)

I normally go to a few “business conferences” which are usually web design related, which is my field of work and my career. My top reason: Travel.  When these conferences are in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas, Colorado, etc., and I don’t live in any of these states, I get an excuse to travel to these states. I normally drive to get to these conferences, which can be anywhere from a 4 to a 15 hour drive. There is comfort in the solace of driving to get to where I need to go. I not only get to see the scenery, but then once I arrive at the conferences, I get to meet people from the area and usually all over, sometimes even people like me who are crazy enough to drive a few days to get to their destination.

A. Claire Treacutevien (Marketing Manager)

I generally exhibit at conferences, and try to book a speaking slot for a member of my team. So my top reasons for attending are: to increase brand awareness, to network, and generate new leads. Last but not the least, I use it as an opportunity to listen to interesting speakers and suss out our competition.

Q. How do you ensure that you get the most out of your business conference?

A. Matt B Gates (Web Developer)

Honestly, be open minded, have an open ear. If you are going to take notes, learn to just jot down bullet points and form your own opinions and ideas. Network and talk with everyone and anyone who is willing to have a conversation. See what people are about. Business conferences are a great place to meet new people who might give you insight into a world you don’t know exists. Business conferences are great, but it is really the people who make them interesting. Anyone can start a dialogue and give a presentation, but listening to other people’s presentations, understanding their point of views, and not just your own, opens up new worlds and ideas.

A. Cormac Reynolds (Online Marketer)

Obviously, things like getting there early and getting good seats will help. Being organised, knowing what’s going to be available later, what to take notes on – these things all help. Reading about the talk or what to expect in advance. Just general stuff like that helps in my opinion.


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