5 Office Essentials

5 Office Essentials

Offices come in many shapes and sizes. You could find yourself working in an open plan office, cubical office spaces, a hot desk or in your own private office. This can depend on the size of the business, the building, the budget available and the company’s own preferences. No matter what type of office that you work in, there are some key pieces of stationary and equipment which will be essential.

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Five of the top office essentials for any new business include:

  1. Printer

The printer can act as the meeting point of employees in the office and can often serve as the venue for a gossip. However, the role of the printer is to serve a much more important purpose. Although we live in a largely digitalised world, the importance of hard copy documents still prevails. We may mainly operate through e-mails and online file sharing, but such documents need to be printed and filed as hard evidence. We require a printer to produce documents for customers, and for use in meetings. Most printers have the functionality to photocopy, scan and print documents of various shapes and sizes.

  1. Staples

As long as you have physical documents, you are going to need staples and a stapler. Many gadgets have come and gone over the years, but none have been quite as effective for keeping documents together as the stapler. Regardless of what office you work in, it is important to keep documents organised, well presented and tidy. The stapler helps you to do just that. Once stapled together, you can ensure that the documents can be read in a certain order and that one cannot be misplaced or lost.

  1. Paper

Whether it be notepad paper, printer paper, letterhead paper or photo gloss paper, it is important to ensure that your office consistently has a sufficient paper supply. Paper is something which an office simply cannot survive without. You cannot print a document, issue physical payslips, create promotional posters, send a letter, or write a note without paper. Although you may store all of your files online and use e-mail to send notices, there will always undoutedly be a need for this essential office item.  Paper is also a great tool for branding such as on your letter head, envelopes, business cards

  1. Envelopes

Envelopes are another necessity to have in any office. Not only will you need them for the obvious use of sending letters, but they will also prove to be very useful for issuing private documents to employees such as wage slips, tax information or other written notices. If you need to issue a cheque, this should always be enclosed in an envelope. Any bank drafts or postal orders should also be issued in an envelope.

  1. Calculators

No matter what your role in the office, you can always find use for a calculator. We simply cannot rely on Microsoft Excel formulas when creating accounts documents. Such calculations are so important that they must be double checked. Have you ever tried to total up figures in your head while talking to a customer on the phone? It can be very difficult! Having a calculator to hand in such situations can make life a lot easier. When we are tired or feeling ill, our levels of concentration and focus can be reduced, so we cannot ensure that we can make accurate calculations using just our own minds. A calculator proves a really convenient tool in such cases. Optimize your business growth with Mercury.


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