5 Steps To Grow Your Business On Twitter

5 Steps To Grow Your Business On Twitter

Think that twitter is for the birds? If so you’re missing out on a powerful social marketing media tool. Any entrepreneur seeking to expand their business presence should be tweeting on a daily basis.

Twitter is a no frills platform. No extensive profile to be filled out, no pictures to upload and no bells or whistles here. It’s all about content creation.

Follow these steps to grow your business on twitter.

Write Impact Tweets

You have 140 characters to make an impression. Perfect your ad copy skills. Using exclamation points and writing EVERY WORD IN CAPS is not going to cut it.

When crafting each tweet visualize yourself as an authority. Write with confidence. Be clever but not misleading. Blend honesty with creativity.

I advise that you handwrite your tweets beforehand.

Focus On People, Not Numbers

The number one mistake of entrepreneurs taking to twitter for the first time is an obsession with the number of people following them.

A number is not going to buy your product or service. People will. The number following you means nothing if they have no interest in what you have to offer. That’s why some people with 60,000 followers have no influence and others with 500 carry clout. They are people tweeters, not robo-tweeters.

Build up your following slowly. Do what you can to ignore the number following. I chant the following statement to myself over and over: “Focus on people, not things.”

Tweeters are bombarded with ads promoting systems which promise more followers. Resist the temptation to use these tools. They inflate the ego, that’s about it.

Tweet Outstanding Content

The most successful tweeters share value-packed tweets. Twitter is a powerful medium for those who tweet content.

If your copy is solid but content weak your links won’t get clicked on. You might even gain a reputation as a spammer.

Generate interest in your business. Give people something to chew on. Teach them how to succeed in your niche. Tweet your blog posts or articles. Tweet industry specific articles. Provide value, receive value.

Retweet Often

Promote yourself by promoting others. Retweeters gain followings rather quickly. The reason? Everybody likes a giver. Someone who gives up a place in their stream for you is kind. Kind people usually get RT’ed quite a bit. When RT’ed your tweets reach a whole different network. This is an effective form of leveraging.

RT’ing often is an effective way to grow a loyal following. Since I began this practice I grew my following to 13,000 within a short time frame.

Engage Frequently

People appreciate a live body. Be human. Say Good Morning. Chat your fellow tweeters up. By engaging you can establish relationships with people in your niche. The bonds can grow your network substantially.

Keep in mind that successful tweeters are frequent tweeters. Craft sweet tweets on a daily basis to grow your business opportunity substantially.

How do you grow your business on twitter?

Ryan Biddulph is an entrepreneur and inspirational author. Learn how he teaches people to prosper at RBs Keys


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