5 Ways to Calculate the Productivity of Your Call Center

5 Ways to Calculate the Productivity of Your Call Center

You can use a call center to provide customer service solutions, increase sales, research the product market and other related services for your business. When you set up a call center you want to know how helpful it is to your business and find out its productivity.

Here are five ways to calculate the productivity of your call center.

Find Out The Abandon Rate

The easiest way to find out how well your call center is doing is to find out the ratio of total incoming calls and total abandon calls. A call center with fewer abandon calls mean that your call center representatives are doing a good job in handling customer calls. Abandoned calls mean that the customers are not being able to get through and a high rate of such calls indicates large numbers of customers are dissatisfied.

Keep A Tab On The Handle Time

Handle time is the total time taken to talk to the customer and then fill out forms and other administrative works. A high average handle time shows that the call center representative is taking more time on each call and is taking fewer calls. If you have to increase productivity, you must ask the representatives to finish each call quickly.

Calculate The Adherence Rate Of Each Employee

The adherence rate is the ratio of the time each representative is available to take calls and the difference between the working hour and time they take for breaks. If you calculate a higher adherence rate, it indicates that the representatives are efficient and your call center is productive, where more time is being spent on answering customer calls. If you calculate a low adherence cost, you should put the representative through training and even take disciplinary action against them.

Calculate The Operating Cost

You can calculate the productivity of your call center by finding out the operating cost. The operating cost is typically include fixed cost like rent for the facility, electricity bills, salaries, company overheads, management of equipment and maintenance.

Calculate The Annual Turnover

The turnover cost is the average of the number of employees who are leaving your call center to the number of employees who are staying back. Vacancies arising from leaving of old employees will have to be filled up with newer employees. They will have to undergo training and your training cost will increase. Therefore, productivity falls if trained employees leave.

The productivity of the call center depends on how well your representatives perform, so invest in good training so that they are well equipped for the job.


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