5 Ways to Successfully Speak at Your Next Presentation

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An organization’s leader or CEO has to address in team meetings or a conference in front of an immense audience.

Are you comfortable with public speaking and delivering your speech and message flawlessly? Either we do this adequately or wrongly, but the way we present ourselves strongly impacts what people think about us.

Great speakers shine effortlessly by aligning relationship-driven leadership every time they’ve got the microphone and the opportunity to present a talk, while others feel so much anxiety and stress. If you’re among the first kind of speakers, you got the art. But, if you are among the second one, you need to develop this talent by preparing for it; by practicing it.

Have you ever come through that even beginner start-up leaders and social activists always give compelling speeches that make you trust them and carefully listen to each word? For example, listen to Greta Thunberg, a student, and an environmental activist. This 17-year-old young Swedish girl is now reshaping the political view.

I don’t mean to say that they have an inborn talent of speaking; they know how to convey their message to their listeners, how to embrace pauses to place an impression on their words, and when to speak louder to grab the attention.

Public speaking is not challenging at all if you grasp some of the tips and secrets. It can give you a lead to some career-defining moments.

In this post, I’m going to put a couple of pro tips on how to speak effectively at an event, conference, or a board meeting even if you’re not convinced of your presentation skills.

Simplify Everything

You’re speaking at an event or addressing your departments. It’s because you have so much depth of knowledge in your particular niche. And I’m sure you intend to bestow lots of that expertise onto your listeners.


Don’t puzzle your audience with details they can’t hold.

Are you attempting to familiarize them, or inspire them? If so, converge on carrying a couple of powerful ideas that will impact them adequately.

The First Couple of Minutes… The Introduction

You know the most challenging and imperative feature of a public speech — engaging your audience. Your goal should be to reach it with the very first word.

And this is where the introductory part comes in. If your introduction segment is boring, no matter how great your presentation is, it will be very dense to make the audience hear your speech willingly.

As much as I marked across the numerous digital marketing events, pro speakers use some diverse approaches, like:

  • Start with shocking statistics;
  • Or begin with a personal story;
  • Or talking about recent practices that have a huge impact on traffic or conversions.

Pick the most recent topic that is fascinating to them, bring some intriguing learning on the table, and furnish answers to the most controversial questions.

Speaking Tone & Style

I’ve closely noticed my friends rehearsing a speech. But several times, they completely despise the inflections and emphatic tones they were supposed to ratify to deliver the presentation powerfully.

Even though they have taken into consideration all elements of a great presentation, they might have missed the point that reading a speech and listening to it are two different things. 

That’s why you require to deliver your speech out loud, preserving all intonations and tones, and you need to learn your speech, remembering these perspectives. Watch recordings of your previous practices, work on facial expressions, closely monitor body language, and grasp the required changes.

The way you articulate is significant, but it doesn’t mean that you ignore your original message; the purpose of this talk! 

Never be too inert while speaking.

The audience needs to be motivated with your enthusiasm, and you are in charge of electrifying the energy among listeners.

Be Logical and Consistent

One of the most demanding obligations in public speaking is reaching your audience with your core message.

In an event, several speakers talk, and the matter is that it is hard for listeners to keep focused on various messages for a long time.

That’s why if you want to make your talk crystal clear to the listeners, always bring consistency and statistics along with your speech.

Be coherent as much as possible with the core message that you deliver to your audience so they may be attentive to your idea and not get distracted while you are speaking.

Be Yourself and Deliver Your Message Easily

Your body language speaks louder than your words. Let your communication be painless in a non-verbal style. The way you stand, move, use your hands, facial expression; the listeners will observe everything.

Show your deep concern when talking about some complex and critical problems, smile when you are talking about some funny things, and get serious when you start talking about problems again.


Besides participating in presentations or educational talks, public speaking also includes talking to a group of team members, or customers in an online meeting.

If you’re a leader, you should master the art of public speaking and unlock your real potential. This trait will surely enhance your self-confidence, reputation, and open the doors for new opportunities.


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