7 benefits of Digital Signage

7 benefits of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an electronic display used in advertising and creating awareness about a new product or service. The images are displayed via LCD monitors, LED and may also be projected. This type of signage is commonly found in retail and fast food outlets, hotels, train stations and airports among others. The content on the monitors is uploaded and controlled by the computer with the use of dedicated software. As an advertising medium, it works effectively because it strikes the perfect balance between faint advertising and in your face.

This promotional system carries a number of benefits to your business when compared to the conventional billboards and print advertising. Here are 7 of these benefits:

#1 Attention Grabbing

The most important thing in business is to get the attention of their audience, which can then be converted to sales later. Viewers are not only more likely to notice the dynamic sign with this video like system of display, research reveals that they are more likely to receive messages and act on it as well.

#2 Saves Time and is Cost-Effective

When it comes to business, time is money. Getting rid of the need to print and distribute static signs each time your campaign or message changes saves both your time and money businesses need to spend on distribution and printing.  There in no heavy logistics and operations can be carried out in house or outsourced. No more hours lost on printing.

#3 Inform without being forceful

This system is an effective way to inform and promote products and services. Using this system to educate visitors and stream informative material, business facilities can enhance sales of their products or service without seeming forceful.

#4 It allows for Web Connectivity

The digital monitors can be connected to the internet and this will allow for news to be incorporated into the display. You can also include blog post and video content from sites like eHow and YouTube.

#5 Centralized

Ensuring consistency and quality, it controls numerous displays across the globe from just a central location, while it requires minimal resources to operate your digital network.

#6 Influence Buying Decisions

A digital display that uses a combination of high quality video and images can have a strong influence on buying decisions of your customers, when you consider the fact that most decisions are made in the store.

#7 It is Versatile

This signage offers a versatile solution for you to communicate your message to your audience from menu boards to corporate lobbies and then to airports. You can start with one digital sign and expand to thousands later.


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