7 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Business

7 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Business

Whatever type of business you have, it must be promoted. It’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and promotion. There are many cost effective ways to get your company noticed. Marketing will increase your revenue and financially, it is far more risky to not market your business. In the current economic climate, it is important to keep your business in the public eye. There are 7 Cost effective ways to promote your business.

Consider blogging

An exceptional marketing tool is blogging. Try to blog three times a week. Consider having guest bloggers. This way your readers will get a wealth of information from different sources.

Be Charitable

Give something back to the community and you can make many contacts by this simple gesture.

Business Profiles on Social Media

Join social media sites where you can include your business profile with a link to your website. Join in online conversations where you can talk about your services or products.

Email Marketing

Emailing is the most cost effective marketing measure any company can undertake. It allows you to stay in contact with customers, establish your services, make announcements and send newsletters. Emails can drive traffic to your website, provided you have put the right tracking in place. Make sure you send appropriate emails reflecting your company brand, otherwise too much misinformation may see customers regard your emails as spam.

Press Releases

Write an informative article about what your company offers and have it published in the local newspaper and on websites. Then get permission to reprint this article and email or send it out to clients. This will give credibility to your product.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is a great way to build relationships. Firstly, always ask the other person what they do. This is a good way to see if you have something in common. Attend all the business breakfasts and networking meetings to become known and build trust. Talk to your clients and the people who you buy products from. Through general conversation, you will be amazed at how much information and data you can gather.

Be Creative

Be creative and your campaigns will have a memorable impact on existing and prospective customers. Most business cards get tossed out, but business card notepads are referred to daily and if each page contains your company details it will be sighted for weeks. To stand out in a crowd, you could also have a brochure design with a unique cover. The possibilities are endless. Choose something exclusive or quirky specific to your company that will make customers remember you. Make your brochure unique and it will be kept and passed on.

In marketing your business cost effectively, you are actually educating your customers. By having business cards, business notepads or brochures, customers can see you are professional. High impact marketing is possible on a low budget. By planning your strategy and choosing the right approach, a cost effective marketing campaign can be achieved. Cost effective marketing is a challenge faced by both small and large businesses.

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Mark is an entrepreneur and has run 3 business and is always looking for a new venture. Since he’s experienced success and failure he hopes that writing blogs will help future business owners make profitable decisions.


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