7 Quick Fixes to Make More Sales Through Your Website

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The goal of a website design company is to give their clients the best chance to succeed online. But design can only go so far; a lot of the optimization process falls to the website owner. The following tips are guaranteed to get you on the right track towards getting your conversion numbers and up and acquiring the sales you need to make your website a success.

State What is Unique about Your Offer

Your unique value proposition is perhaps the most critical conversion factor. Many website owners only pay attention to one of two burning questions on the customer’s mind:

What’s in it for me?

They completely ignore the second, arguably more important question on the customer’s mind:

Why should I buy from you?

Making your unique value proposition very clear should the beginning of any ongoing conversation between you and website visitors.

Coming up with a compelling, unique value proposition takes some reflection and a deep understanding of your product. Whatever you come up with should fulfill the following conditions:

  • It should differentiate you from competitors.
  • It should be capable of being expressed in a single, coherent, and credible sentence.

Use A/B Testing to Discover What Converts

Marketing is never a one-off process. You should always have one or more A/B tests on going on your website at any given time.

Here’s how A/B testing works:

Assume you have two killer headlines for the same content and are not sure which to go with. You create two versions of your content, each with its own headline (Page A and Page B). A/B testing software will split incoming traffic equally into 2 and direct each half to a different page. You can then sit back and observe which of the two pages converts better.

Create a Sales Funnel to Convert Round the Clock

Every good internet marketer is aware of the buyer’s journey, which is made up of three stages: awareness, consideration, decision.

Creating a sales funnel is your way of using content marketing to ease a prospect through these mental stages until they are ready to purchase from you.

It takes some time–be prepared to offer lots of value and build strong relationships before asking prospects to make a decision to buy anything–but it works like a charm.

Make Your Content as Clear as Possible

Complicated language confuses your reader and fails to communicate your offer in a compelling manner. After going through your copy, you want the reader thinking about your offer so they can make a purchase, rather than thinking about your copy and trying to make sense of it.

To ensure your copy is people-friendly, you can imagine your post as an intimate conversation with a close friend. Any word, phrase, or sentence that would not sit well in such a conversation should not find its way to your post.

Address any Objections Right There in Your Copy

It’s easy to address worries in a  person-to-person sales encounter of course, but that option does not exist when the playing field is online. So what can you do?

Anticipate your audience’s worries and address them right there in your copy!

  • Do they doubt whether you understand their problems? Show them the problems your product resolves.
  • Do they doubt your credibility? Show them your credentials and track record to build authority.
  • Are they sceptical about the product working? Show them a demonstration or present testimonials.
  • Price too high? Explain how the value offered corresponds with the price, compare your unique value proposition with what your competitors offer and so on.

Build Trust with Your Audience

Unless your audience trusts you, they are unlikely to feel comfortable doing business with you. Never overlook any opportunity that allows you to build trust both as an expert and as a person.

Make your contact information and that of your team freely available on your website, for example; and always publish fresh, authoritative content that showcases your expertise on your chosen topic. Beware of typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors…it doesn’t take much to make people start harbouring doubts about your credibility

Make It as Easy as Possible to Buy from You

The more steps involved in the checkout process, the less likely you are to make a sale. And the same thing goes when prospects are required to fill in too much information before making a sale. Prospects are also less likely to buy anything when they have too many options to choose from.

Make your sales page as dedicated and focused as possible. Don’t use a 4 step checkout process when 3 steps will do.



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