7 Tips to Rapidly Boost Your Twitter Followers

7 tips to rapidly boost your twitter followers

Do your tweets go into oblivion? Are you irritated you can’t attract more followers? With Twitter, the entire story revolves around your following. An interesting tweet soon becomes famous, and all people want is more and more followers to their handle. Having an influential Twitter account is vital because it has terrific upshots. The more followers you have, your brand strengthens, and you can build durable connections with your prospects.

The question is how to increase followers on Twitter? How do some people go from zero to a million followers on in no time? They surely do some things that others are probably missing, or are unaware of. In this article, let us try to spot what we can do in order to elevate our followers on Twitter.

Build a Strong Profile

It is important to build a strong Twitter profile. Your profile gives others a sneak peek of who you are and what you do. People who would be interested in your tweets will go through your profile. It is unwise to have an incomplete or dull profile.

Use your real name and avoid fake or fancy names. Your followers want to know who you actually are. Your bio is something you need to write carefully. It should state what you do and what your interests are. Be brief and smart. If possible, add a link to your website or other social media accounts on your profile.

Tweet Follow-worthy Posts

Don’t just post tweets for the heck of it. Tweet what’s relevant, tweet what’s trending, tweet what interests you. Good tweets automatically get more likes and more followers.

It is remarkable how some people become Twitter celebrities. It is because they tweet posts that are either funny, informative or entertaining. The key is to post whatever people would like, while still being appropriate.

Follow and Retweet

Twitter is a game of following. Follow your followers and retweet their posts. Develop a strong network of followers and gain a fan or two. When you are new to Twitter, focus on following more and you will up your following.

Retweet, on the other hand, is a way to share posts from other people. The more you retweet, the higher the probabilities of you being retweeted. People whom you retweet will surely notice it and retweet you when you post something interesting.

Multimedia and Links Work

The use of multimedia and links in your tweets really works. Images, video and audio files in your tweets are a great way to grab more attention and gain instant shares and likes. If you post interesting media, you are certain to have more followers.

Links to your website, YouTube posts, or your online stores, is another great way to charm your followers. Tweets with links always have an edge over the ones without links.

Take People to Your Twitter Account

It is important to let people know that you have a Twitter account if you want them to follow you. Provide a link to your Twitter handle on your website and on other social media pages.

This is especially important for budding businesses, which are aiming more followers and eventually want to attract more customers. As much as being active on social media is important, letting people know about it is equally vital.

Hashtags are Everywhere

One great way to have more followers is to use hashtags in your tweets. Using hashtags in your tweets will make your tweets visible to people with similar preferences. It is quite likely that theses people will like your posts and start following you.

However, it is necessary to use hashtags moderately. Overuse of hashtags will disinterest people. Choose your hashtags cleverly, keeping in mind that a good hashtag might fish you some followers.

Relish Celebrity Influence if You Can

Twitter is a platform where you can easily get in touch with celebrities. When I say celebrities, I mean people who have more than a million followers. Follow celebrities and retweet them. When you see the right time, tweet about them. It can be anything; an article, a one liner, anything.

When you do this, let them know that you mentioned them and ask them to retweet it. A retweet from a celebrity will certainly make your post visible to millions. If you are lucky, you might just be able to add a few eggs to your basket.

Being consistent and entertaining is the key. People will follow you only if what you do is fascinating, and Twitter is no exception.


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