8 Things That Every Customer Wants

8 things that every customer wants

Make the shopper happy and he or she will be delighted to come back to you over and over again. Annoy just one customer, and ten other customers will follow suit. In this customer-oriented market, the seller must always be on his or her toes to cater to the customer’s needs and have an edge over other sellers.

Customer’s demands can change quickly and it can be difficult to know what the customer is looking for. In this article, I will try to spot the eight things that every customer looks for in a product or a service.


You can put the same old wine in a new bottle over and over again and the customer will love it. All that a customer wants is the novelty in the products that he or she uses. If the seller is continually putting forth innovative ideas to his customers, he is in the rat race.

Tech Meter

How high is your “Tech Meter”? Are your products technologically updated? Do they give your customers a cool quotient? Can they stand out on being the most tech-savvy users? If yes, you are the ruler of technology gadgets and your business has a long way to go.


Every customer today aims to live a king sized life. A high portion of a commoner goes into buying products that make his or her life easier and improves the standards of living. If using your products brings style into his life, this new age customer will love you!

Budget Friendly

The larger chunk of buyers consists of the middle class who have stringent budgets. If you are a seller that offers them great deals at a pocket-friendly price, you are the one for them.

Online Shopping

The entire concept of shopping has drastically changed since e-commerce has come into existence. Online shopping has become the customer-favorite method of shopping. What doesn’t sell online isn’t worth their time. It is essential to sell your products and services online if you want to attract more customers.

Strong Resolution Mechanism

In this fast paced world, what turns off a customer the most is slow responses to his queries and slow resolution of problems associated with a product. The customer is the boss and you cannot displease him at any cost. A proper resolution mechanism for consumer complaints is a must.

The Art of Keeping the Customer

One thing that a customer secretly appreciates is the seller’s art of maintaining a rapport with him. Prompt after-sale services, customized schemes and notifying the buyer of attractive offers are all ways to keep your customer happy.

The Brand

Today’s customer is very, very demanding and is not afraid to post negative reviews about your services. You create a brand for yourself with the products you sell and the customer satisfaction that you provide. Once created, a positive brand will work wonders for you.

Gone are the days when the seller was the king. It’s the customer who rules now. The customer today has the supremacy to get anything according to what and how he wants it. The mantra to be a successful seller in this competitive market is to sell innovative products that are tech savvy and easy to buy at competitive prices. Maintaining your customer and creating a brand for yourself is the art that you need to master.


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