9 Tips For Sending Out Holiday Greetings For Businesses

9 Tips For Sending Out Holiday Greetings For Businesses

The holidays are fast approaching, and one of the best things a business can do to keep their name at the forefront of customers’ minds is to start sending out their holiday cards. Sending out business holiday greetings shows warmth, and reminds your customers that your connection with them is more than just about business. Want to make the biggest impression on your customers?

Read on for BluePromoCode’s tips:

Keep your customer list database updated.

Clients moved or updated their address? Keep your address book updated and current. It shows thoughtfulness, and you can ensure that you won’t lose any of your past clients or customers. – Brand your cards. You should not make your logo front and center of the greeting card, but include your latest contact information, along with your most current logo, on the back of the card, or inside, in an discrete location. With sites like Uprinting, you can customize your card the way you want it to.

Keep the messaging secular and neutral.

When sending out mass mailings, it is a dangerous assumption that all of your clients or customers celebrate only Christmas. Many people do not celebrate Christmas at all, or are not religious, or celebrate another religious holiday around this time of year. Companies such as Vistaprint offer a wide variety of secular greeting card designs to choose from.

Do not include a business card or other forms of marketing.

The holidays are not an appropriate time to do additional marketing in your greeting card. Your clients are getting bombarded with seasonal marketing everywhere else, and they will only feel more annoyance at getting one more piece of paper that they plan to throw in the trash anyway.

Use the best paper card stock you can afford.

Sites such as PsPrint offer a range of card stock; the heavier the card stock, the nicer the card will feel. It will also help your holiday card stand out from the crowd.

Personalize your holiday greetings with handwritten signatures and messages.

Yes, it will take a bit of work. However, your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gesture, and they will associate your brand with trying to create a genuine, personal connection, as opposed to only a business connection.

Hand address the address and return labels as well.

Doing so will extend the personal touch, and keep your business from being just another faceless entity to your customer.

Spell-check everything.

It takes only one careless typo in an otherwise perfect holiday greeting card to leave a negative impression on your customer. In addition to checking spelling, be sure to check your message for proper grammar and to eliminate any messaging that may be offensive to anyone.

Mail out your holiday cards early.

We suggest sending out your holiday greeting cards no later than the day after Thanksgiving. Doing so will ensure that your card is one of the first to arrive in your customers’ home, and will be first on the holiday card pile. Since many people decorate their homes and Christmas trees for the season with holiday cards, sending your cards out early ensures you prime real estate on the mantle or tree.

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