A Marketing Technique Often Ignored

A Marketing Technique Often Ignored

Award winning author and speaker – Kathy Condon talks about a simple marketing technique that few people even think about when invited for an event. In fact, most people are not even aware of the term RSVP and what they are supposed to do when they see an RSVP on an event invite. Check out this article below to know more about this often ignored marketing technique.

The term RSVP comes from the French expression “répondez s’il vous plaît”, meaning, “please respond”.WHY YOU SHOULD RSVP?I learned long ago that what seems obvious to me is not obvious to others. Perhaps, one has to be in charge of an event to really understand the inconvenience to the host when someone doesn’t RSVP. Or if you have ever planned a wedding and each person attending will cost you a minimum of $25, you know how important an exact count is to your budget.

The same is true for any kind of event. Often there is a need for nametags, handouts and, of course, the all-important snack that is served at a break. Funds are required.

You get the picture—your lack of attention to answering an RSVP can cost people money. Even more importantly, you are missing out on an outstanding way to be remembered.

Let me explain:

  • When you make your RSVP, your name goes on a list.
  • Two weeks out the people in charge will look at the list—your name is there.
  • One week out people look at the list—Your name is there.
  • Two days out people look at the list—Your name is there.
  • The day of the event the list is printed out—Your name is there.
  • A nametag is printed for you—Your name is on one.
  • At the registration desk, you check in—Your name is there.
  • If there is a speaker, often the list will be printed out for her—Your name is there.
  • After the event, a list of attendees is created—Your name is there.

Now let’s contrast this with showing up without a RSVP:

  • You walk up to the registration desk and apologize because you had not made an RSVP. Positive first impression? I think not.
  • You hand them your cash.
  • You write out your own nametag.
  • Someone takes your cash. They do not ask your name. When the attendee list is updated, your name does not appear on the attendee list.

Convinced of the importance of RSVPs?

Think of it this way, when you make a RSVP your name is noted and looked at nine times. When you just walk in, there is a strong possibility that your name will not even be recorded as an attendee.

About the Author

Kathy Condon is an award-winning author, Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer on “Communication in the Workplace.” She is the author of the book: “Face-To-Face Networking It’s All About Communication.” kathy@kathycondon.info | http://www.kathycondon.info | (360) 695-4313


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