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Why are Business Goals Important?

Let’s first realize that the reason we go into business varies for all of us.  The main reason we go into business is for the realization of one of our dreams or desires. That dream or desire is a goal. When I ask people why they go to work, they usually reply, “to earn a […]

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Do You Need To Market Yourself Along With Your Business Marketing Plan?

You may have a Business Marketing Plan, but do you have a Personal Marketing Plan? How does your market perceive your business?  How does your market perceive you?  How would you like them to perceive your business, and you? What are you doing about it? Keep in mind that your market is what makes your […]

By Bob Urichuck | Marketing

What’s The Life Line To Your Bottom Line In Today’s Economy?

Sales is the Life Line to Your Bottom Line in Today’s New Economy of Buyers? You must appreciate that sales revenue is the life line to your bottom line.  Without buyers, there are no sales. Without sales, there are no revenues. The world revolves around sales, but more importantly, it now needs to revolve around […]

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