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Top 5 Favorite Online Tools

There are many tools that make you more productive in today’s digital world. But finding the right tools can become a career unto itself. After years of trial and error, here are my top 5 online tools.

By Bruce Dugan | Management . Productivity

Leadership Traits of Effective People

An effective leader can lead — even when they’re following. Sometimes it requires command of a situation, while other times they simply need to know when to get out of the way. Leaders are storytellers, those that can show the rank and file the overall vision of the Company, and inspire them to fulfill it. […]

By Bruce Dugan | Leadership

A Brand Marketing Plan

I’ve attended many marketing events and seminars through the years, and many of them sing the same song: be innovative, think outside the box, and connect with consumers at the root level. But there is a deeper consideration to a brand marketing plan.

By Bruce Dugan | Marketing

The Entrepreneur CEO – Who is an entrepreneur?

Recently one of my employees asked me “Who is an entrepreneur?” Oddly, after being one for over thirty years, I rarely stopped to think about it — I guess in the same manner that a lion never stopped to ponder what being a lion is. There are entrepreneurs, CEOs, and The Entrepreneur CEO.

By Bruce Dugan | Management

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