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How Stieglitz Helped United Way Achieve It’s Best Growth EVER?

SET BIG GOALS My company has been a platinum United Way supporter for ten years, and I have served as a United Way volunteer several times.  One year, the regional director who knew my experience in effecting change asked: “Our regional campaign grows about three percent a year. I think it’s because we aim to […]

By Richard G. Stieglitz | Motivation and Business Success

Build Your Business On Procedures NOT Superstars

If you have traveled domestically or internationally, you’ve probably noticed that McDonalds’ hamburgers are the same everywhere. It’s not an accident. Senior managers at each franchise are required to participate in training at the corporate facility known as “Hamburger University.” In addition, McDonald’s has written procedures for every facet of its operation. What’s more, because […]

By Richard G. Stieglitz | Operations

Stop Looking Like Everybody Else. Brand Yourself!

A mid-sized business in the Washington D.C. area branded itself as the Project Management Company. The truth is that hundreds of companies within 25 miles of the Nation’s Capital routinely provide project management services to government agencies, many of them as effectively and at lower cost. But this company clearly communicated to customers and employees […]

By Richard G. Stieglitz | Marketing

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