What You Should Know Before Selling on Amazon

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Amazon is the world’s most popular online shopping site. Millions of consumers purchase items on Amazon each day. Though this site is nothing short of famous, a huge portion of Amazon users don’t realize the list of other features available. Anyone can sell items on Amazon. Using this platform can help you boost your sales because of the endlessly growing consumer audience. If you are wanting to become an Amazon seller, here are some essential facts you must know before you get started.

Types of Seller

Amazon caters to a long list of seller types. Selling doesn’t have to be limited to your own company’s products. Here are the different styles of selling you are able to participate in on Amazon.


This type of selling refers to the process of selling another company’s items. Anyone can drop ship from anywhere in the world. In order to dropship, you list items sold by another company. When the product sells, you will then purchase the product and send it to the buyer. Dropshippers will raise the item price so they are able to make a profit. This selling style isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires in-depth research, planning, a decent budget to cover potential losses, and consistent effort. You can become a successful dropshipper if you take the time to learn what approaches work best. 


Scoring a partnership with Amazon is a rare occurrence. Unless you run an established and successful brand, this selling style will probably be unobtainable. If you are in the market for a direct partnership between your company and Amazon, you would have to reach out to them.

Individual Selling

Whether you have a small business or want to sell things in good condition, individual selling is a great option. Selling your products on Amazon is a great way to expand your business audience. Small businesses or individual sellers are likely to have better chances of making a profit on a larger platform.


Of course, if you have a bigger business, you too can sell on Amazon. It’s rare for established businesses to avoid using Amazon. So, if you need to get your businesses’ products on Amazon, it’s time to get started now.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has one of the best affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing is advertising a company’s products on any media platform in order to make sales. When you make a sale, you get a specific percentage of the item price. Depending on the item category, the commission will vary. By signing up for the Amazon affiliates/associates program, you can start advertising products listed on Amazon. All you need to do is search for an item, and generate a link. This link will track any purchases made by people who clicked on your advertisement. This is a great way to give selling on Amazon a try without worrying about losing money.

These selling approaches are commonly used on Amazon. Once you pick an approach, here is how you can get started as an Amazon seller.

Account Set-up

There is both a free sellers account and a priced account option. The free account comes with basic features and charges a dollar for each item you sell. The price for the Pro option (priced account) is $39.99 monthly and can be a better choice if you are wanting advanced features.

Do some research before you decide between the account types. After you select your plan, it’s time to register as an Amazon seller. This step is pretty straightforward and requires you to add all necessary information.

Listing Products

Now that you have a seller account set up, you can begin listing products. In the listings, remember to focus on the relevant details. The better you are at the product description, the more potential buyers will be likely to purchase items. Use keywords specific to your products. Utilizing keywords is an effective way to kickstart your selling experience on Amazon. This is because buyers can find your items more easily when you curate descriptive listings.

For example, let’s say you are selling wigs. If you just write “short wig” in the description, your product won’t be seen by many. Consumers search for the specifics on what they are wanting to purchase. If you are selling a short, black, lace front wig, include all those details in the product description. You’ll notice a better reaction to your product when you accurately depict it in a searchable, and accessible fashion.

After you master listing descriptions, now you have to prioritize getting accurate and high-quality photos. Appealing and eye-catching product photos will draw more consumers into purchasing. “As humans, we are likely to be fixated on a perfect appearance. Use this information to your advantage to develop quality product photos. With quality photos, and an in-depth description, your products will have a better chance at being sold,” explains Nathan Oliver, a tech blogger at Essayroo.

Familiarizing Yourself With the Rules

When it comes to anything, following the rules is in your best interest. The last thing you would want is to accidentally break a rule as an Amazon seller because you weren’t aware of it. Do yourself and Amazon a favor before you sell. Make sure you are confident that you know the rules, so you can avoid messing up as a new seller.

To access Amazon’s rules, you can go directly to the website, and the link for them should be listed on the homepage. Rules include selling regulations, qualifications, and actions. “You may be instructed to test certain products for safety reasons before they can be sold. Though rules are sometimes inconvenient, they must be maintained in order for you to have a positive selling experience on Amazon. When writing about new topics, try finding a way you can personally relate to them,” shares Ellen Blossom, blogger at Lia Help.

Sticking to a Concise Niche

Selling is already a hard task for new buyers. This is why sticking to one theme, topic, or niche is important. If you aren’t running an already established business, you may not have a niche yet. If you sell clothes, books, kitchenware, toys, and more, your sales will be all over the map. Random listings will confuse buyers. Businesses that do well stick to a specific niche. You will see sellers that may include: technology companies, fashion brands, and food retailers doing well on Amazon.

Sellers like these do well because they have a concrete type of product/products that they chose to sell. Instead of selling anything you can think of, choose a niche you are well versed in and are passionate about. You may be a sports fan, so making merch or selling premade products relevant to that topic can become your niche. As long as you are able to discover and be confident with your niche, you can enjoy selling on Amazon.

Shipping Items & Customer Service

Making your first sale is exciting and nerve-racking. Yes, you made a profit, but now you have to worry about item shipment. If you are selling products from your business or home, shipping is primarily your responsibility. You have to invest in shipping materials, and pick a company to ship items with. There are online and local shipping companies that you can work with. If you are selling another companies’ products, you can order from the company and put in the buyer’s shipping information.

There are other details about shipping for specific scenarios, so ensure that you are correctly sending out items. If there are troubles with customers, as a seller, it’s your job to provide them with help. If you are affiliate marketing on Amazon, customer service simply isn’t a concern for you, but it is with practically every other selling approach. If further assistance is needed that you can’t give a customer, you can contact Amazon. Caring about your customers goes a long way, and is highly important when you first start selling. 


You need to plan before you sell anything. Thorough planning will help you know exactly how you want to, and how to have a strong start as an Amazon seller. If you are working with others in your company, plan alongside them. It’s important that all those involved know what their responsibilities are. If you are selling alone, create a plan and schedule that won’t be overwhelming. Individual sellers who put too much pressure on themselves fail to be successful.

When planning, there are certain things to keep in mind that include: budget, product inventory, shipping methods, advertising, and scheduling. Planning should be frequent and updated weekly if needed. Having a well-developed plan is essential when you first begin selling on Amazon.

Before You Sell

This was just the beginners’ basics on the world of selling on Amazon. Before you sell, you have to do further research. Get all of your questions answered, and be sure that you know exactly what to do. Over time, you will have better knowledge as an Amazon seller. Truthfully, selling on Amazon is initially a scary experience. This is why you have to be nothing but ready as soon as you list your first item. Don’t make the common mistake of being a confused Amazon seller.

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Writer Emily Henry knows lots about the online market. Emily writes about her experiences selling online, and how she has become successful on Amazon. 


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