Benefits of a Virtual Office

Benefits of a Virtual Office

A virtual office allows business people to have the professionalism of an office without the expense. The offices are typically located offsite and offer a variety of services. These services range from remote receptionists to call answering services. If you are an entrepreneur, doctor or real estate agent, you may benefit from virtual office services. Here are some ways that a virtual office may help business people in all types of professions:

1. Remote Receptionist

These receptionists answer phones and complete basic assistant tasks remotely.

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant rarely meets clients in person. These assistants get paid $25 and more per hour to help with tasks. A virtual assistant is more affordable because they can be hired on an as needed basis.

3. Answering Services and Call Centers

Call centers can answer calls for professionals. Answering services are especially beneficial in businesses that conduct business outside of their home country. Answering services can help businesses overcome language barriers. Since 75 percent of callers hang up if a machine picks up, inbound call center services can catch 75 percent of the callers.

4. Professional Address

A professional address can give the business a professional image. Home addresses do not offer the privacy and security that a professional address can provide.P.O. Boxes are also not as well-received. Most corporate entities need more than a P.O. Box to conduct business. Professional businesses need access to documents 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

5. Amenities Offered On-Site

Most business professionals will be provided with broadband Internet, conference calling, kitchenette, fax, copier and printer. Access to these amenities can improve the office environment if most of your business was conducted in a home office. When you need these amenities, the office is available at certain times.

Other Benefits of A Virtual Office Space

On-demand meeting space can be made available to you when it is needed. The meeting space can often be rented hourly, daily or monthly. Conference rooms are more professional than a dining room table at your home, and it is less invasive into your private life. Whether you rent the conference room or workspace by the hour or daily, the choice is entirely up to you.Virtual offices can be rented by companies with limited capital. Even in a recession, virtual offices from Servcorp are affordable for most companies. Virtual offices can also be used if only to keep expenses to a minimum. For instance, a traditional receptionist may cost $12 to $14 per hour, but a virtual office provides this service for a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Offices Can Significantly Help a Business

Try a virtual office to save money and to promote a professional image. Virtual offices are located in almost every major city and the surrounding metropolitan area. Consider researching your options and finding the best price. Some virtual offices can be obtained for as little as $59 per month. The investment could be worth the improvement in your business.

About the Author

Joey is a Small Business Owner from Melbourne, Australia. He says that virtual offices have helped him a lot in the early stages of his business and he would recommend them to anyone.


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