Why Work On Your Public Speaking Skills?

John F. Kennedy said, “Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.” We must remember that it takes a lot of practice and experience to to be effective in public speaking. Working on your public speaking skills can help you in other areas. Let’s go ahead and look at them:

Your confidence builds up

When you take up the stage to speak in front of an audience, it automatically builds up your confidence level. Your doubts, fear and anxiety fade away in time as your self-image gets better. You will see yourself walk with confidence and boldness. There will be a change in the way you speak and conduct yourself.

It’s easier to take up leadership roles

When you take up speaking roles, it’s easier for you to take up leadership roles as well. People are more confident in offering you such responsibilities. As you keep speaking, you gradually develop your leadership and management skills as well.

You will become more intellectual

As you keep speaking, you will have the need for keeping yourself updated and will eventually learn a lot of new things. By going through good books or resources over the internet, you will also learn newer things which will widen your sphere of knowledge and help you deliver more effectively.

You will develop your listening and reading skills

In order to prepare a good speech, you must go through some good materials and resources. This in turn will help you in improving your listening and reading skills. Listening to other speakers will also help you hone your speaking skills.

You will improve each time

When you keep working on your articulation, you will improve on voice modulation, the pause required and speech rate. Your overall speech will become splendid as you start using props, mines and stories. Adding to that is this fact: you become more fluent and have a flexible vocabulary.

You will break all barriers

Being a public speaker involves speaking over the edge. You are not limited to a particular group of like-minded thinkers, which helps you to break all social and cultural barriers. You will know how to handle issues and conflicts by saying the right things at the right time.

You are a channel of change

Rob brown said, “If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.” Yes, when you share, inspire, motivate, encourage and help people; you can be a great change driver bringing hope and answers.

You will become a role model

When you start getting popular, you will attract a lot of fans. Many people will have you as their role model which will eventually build your sphere of influence.

It’s an added advantage in your career

Communication is important in most professions. If they realize that you are a public speaker, it adds tremendous value to your profile and hence your career growth.

You will draw people to you

As your popularity grows, people will want to come to you. They would love to get connected with you and hence your circle grows.

You will become more conscious about the ‘right’ words

When you keep doing this, you will become better in using the right words. You can fabricate your speech effectively.

Public speaking is a great skill to have in your repertoire. Like any skill, you only get better with practice.


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