CEO Hangout Branding Summit 2015, A Lot Did Happen!

Bangalore, September 24th, 2015 – CEO Hangout Branding Summit 2015 was held on 24th September at St Mark’s Hotel, Bangalore. The business conference included many stalwarts from the industry sharing their knowledge about branding and its digital aspects.

The conference was a great platform to network and grow. The audience included people from diverse backgrounds including people from the corporate sector, and entrepreneurs wanting to know more about best ways to build their brands.

The session started with the introduction of the guests and speakers. Speakers such as Ashok Lalla, Sujit S Nair spoke about the digital aspect of branding. Durgesh Kaushik, CMO of Edureka was seen speaking about measuring and monitoring the reach of marketing campaigns. He also quoted ‘there is no use of a marketing campaign if you cannot measure it.’ Other keynote speakers included Susmita Dasgupta speaking about how important personal branding is and also highlighted the fact that an individual brand is the biggest asset in branding. The conference also saw Aryan Rajesh throw light on the psychology of branding.

Vinil Ramdev, founder of CEO Hangout said, “We are happy with the response we received for this event. The support and traction for our events has been very good. We’ve been attracting business owners from various diverse industries.”

The conference also saw speakers talking about the importance of networking to achieve brand visibility. Speakers like Siddharth Rajsekar who is the co founder of Scion Social shared various tools on how to increase your LinkedIn and Facebook network. There was also a panel discussion moderated by Sumathi Chari who is the Director of India’s fastest growing PR firm PRHUB which was also the communication partner for the CEO Hangout Branding Summit.

This panel discussion saw experts discuss on the reach of various brand campaigns. Other speakers who spoke about creativity, innovation and brand connection in branding were Pavan Soni, Radhakrishnan KG and Adarsh Pete.

CEO Hangout Branding Summit 2015 was a successful conference that saw PRHUB as its communication partner and Symbiosis School of Media and Communication as its education partner.

Photos of the CEO Hangout Branding Summit 2015 held on 24th Sept, 2015

Posted by CEO Hangout : A Networking Club for CEOs and CXOs on Tuesday, September 24, 2015

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