Business Security: Protecting Your Stock and Your Staff

Business Security: Protecting Your Stock and Your Staff

Protesting your business and your staff is of the utmost importance for business owners. Theft, break-ins, armed robberies, assaults – all of these things happen everyday, and they can happen to your business when you least expect it, so here are a few good ways to defend your employees and assets from crime.

Catch Crime in Action with Security Cameras

Theft occurs in nearly every business. In fact, about 5% of an organisation’s revenue is stolen each year that it’s in business, and nearly a third of all employees are estimated to have committed some form of workplace fraud. Unfortunately, owners aren’t always aware that they’re being robbed by the people they work so hard to please or the people they already pay to help out. By installing CCTV cameras around the property, you can keep an eye on everything that happens on the premises every second of the day. With the cameras rolling 24/7, you’ll have hard evidence that can be used by law enforcement to catch any crook who violates your rights and your workplace.

Shield Property and Life Security Fencing and Gates

Even with security cameras set up, nothing will physically prevent a criminal from breaking into your property and stealing your stock or harming your staff. While installing barrier protection won’t prevent determined or experienced criminals from entering, it could scare away less-skilled crooks or delay the actual break-in long enough so that police can arrive in time. Locks, chains, gates, shutters, fencing, and shatter-resistant glass are just some of the things that can be installed to defend your castle. If your business is located in a notoriously bad part of town – in which industrial estates can often be located – getting barrier protection shouldn’t even be an option.

Hire Security Guards to Keep the Bad Guys Away

Cameras and barrier protection will scare most dishonest folk away from attempting anything illegal, but nothing does the trick like having a hired security guard or guards on the prowl. The physical presence of a security guard is enough to make most crooks think twice about taking action, so simply having uniformed personnel at your place of business can do wonders. If things do escalate, security officers may be able to help in various ways. Guards can assist customers and staff with exiting a building during a hostile situation, contact police and ambulance services, provide first aid care to injured individuals, or even subdue attackers using force. If you want the ultimate level of security for your business, invest in security guards from a reputable company. Those with military or law enforcement experience are preferred because they’ve been trained to react to dangerous situations.

Update Computer Security to Deny Hackers

Cyber attacks on businesses are now more common than ever thanks to today’s advanced technology and persistent hackers. When hackers gain access to your business’ computer systems, every bit of data in there is compromised. Everything from sensitive customer information to your company bank account numbers can be stolen. Not only would this kind of situation mean bad news for your business, it could ruin the lives of hundreds or thousands of innocent people. To lower the chances of a security breach, ensure that all of your computer systems and networks are updated and protected by firewalls. If you feel the need, hire a network security specialist to maintain your systems.

Protect and Reward Workers who Report Crime

It’s estimated that three out of four employees participate in some type of crime against their employer, and that’s a scary figure. Most people don’t have the courtesy or courage to tell a superior, but there are a select few who will risk their jobs and their safety to let an owner know what’s going on behind the scenes. These whistleblowers should be praised and rewarded for their actions because they could prevent U.S. companies from losing some of the $20-$40 billion that are unfairly taken each year. Raises, promotions, annual bonuses, and additional vacation time are all excellent ways to show your loyal employees that you appreciate their help.

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