How Can Businesses Survive The TikTok Algorithm In 2021

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TikTok is emerging as one of the most used social media networks. More than 852 million active users are using TikTok monthly. Thousands of users spend their free time on TikTok watching entertainment and trending videos. The popularity of TikTok provides an excellent way for business people to grow their brand and improve their brand visibility on social media platforms.

Initially, TikTok was launched in China, but in 2017, it reached out to other countries. So, TikTok now gives you plenty of opportunities to grow your business globally with a huge audience.

With this application, your video can go viral overnight with engaging content. Know the TikTok hacks and algorithms to increase your followers and visibility to make your business reach out to many audiences and grow to a greater height by creating short videos.

Here are some tips that you must know.

1. Concentrate On Selecting Content

Content is an essential tool to become successful in your business. So concentrate on making your content go viral on TikTok. Try to add your best in your content because people like to watch videos that make humor.

Another way is to create content on trending topics. TikTok will show you the trending videos on your For You Page (FYP) if you like 2 or 3 posts on popular videos. When you see the same song on more than 10 TikTok videos, then get ready to use that sound on your content for your business growth.

Another option is to create informational content on TikTok. The three types of content that perform well on all the social media platforms are entertaining, educational, and emotional videos. Most business people prefer to choose any one of the above content to go viral on TikTok with wider audiences. The video with business tips related to the personal life of ordinary people gets more likes. So provide video content with helpful information on TikTok to grow your brand.

2. Choose User-Generated Content

Did you know that User-Generated Content (UGC) is the key to the virality of your business? UGC is the content created by common users instead of businesspeople. It is the heart of Tiktok to make your video viral. TikTok usually celebrates people’s daily activities creating a secure feel for each user to express their feelings. So business people who need to improve your profile should invite more people to your account with UGC content and participate in creator activities. 

UGC creates a chance to connect with new people easily. It brings brand value from other users and creates a community to your business. While creating a community, your business can connect with many audiences, and at the same time, you can gain loyal followers. Run campaigns with UGC content because most people will scroll campaigns with normal content.

Instead of just asking your target people to buy your products, with your UGC content, you can entertain your users directly can create audience engagement.

3. Interact With Your Audience

Interaction is a great way to engage your audience in your business. TikTok provides the three best features to interact with your audiences. Those features are,

  • Duet feature
  • Stitch feature
  • Reply to comments

Duet Feature:

The duet feature gives way for other users to connect with you on your content on TikTok. It allows users to leave comments and also join another person along the side of your video. Many comedians on TikTok use this feature to get famous on TikTok. It works out well for health-related videos. You can also see interesting posts on food combinations. So the duet feature provides an excellent way to interact with users across the world and get more reach for your business.

Stitch Feature:

It is another way to interact with your audience by using a video clip portion from any of your user’s content into your own video. The difference between the duet and stitch feature is that the duet feature provides two video clips of different persons, whereas the stitch feature blends them into one.

Reply To Comments:

None other way is better than responding to your audience’s comments on TikTok. The way you reply to your audience will create brand trust for your business.

4. Run Advertisements

First, while TikTok emerged, there was no option for creating ads. But to make TikTok a growing platform for business, they have launched an advertising platform. TikTok allows different types of ad forms such as,

  • TopView Ads – You can see these types of ads once you open your application.
  • Infeed Video Ads – These ads display on the For You Page of your TikTok feed.
  • Brand Takeovers – It is a type of ad where other popular brands take your brand for a day to make it popular.
  • Hashtag Challenges – Publishing video ads with your branded hashtag and asking your audience to publish similar content with the same hashtag.

If your motive is to increase your brand awareness on TikTok for your business, then using ads is the perfect solution. Before running ads, make your TikTok account a business account. Publishing ads on TikTok provides you the opportunities to target your audience based on their age, location, interest, gender, and other demographic factors. You can have both a daily or lifetime budget on TikTok to target your audience. The minimum budget on TikTok is $500, and for ad groups, it is $50. 

5. Streamline All Your Posts

TikTok is designed with a For You Page where 99% of TikTok users spend their time watching engaging video content. It becomes a place for marketers and business people to show their relevant content and generate more engagement.

TikTok pushes the content on the top of your audience’s FYP if your business content is engaging. As a marker, think of creating content using popular videos that need a consistent look on your posts.

Publish engaging content in all your posts on your account. So TikTok automatically pushes your content to the top, making it a trending one. If your content is watched by your audience regularly, you can gain more TikTok hearts to promote your business efficiently. TikTok also adds quality to your account and helps to gain many loyal customers to your products. Your consistent content throughout your account creates brand trust for your business.

6. Post When Your Followers Are Active

Tracking your audience performance is very important for business people to grow their brand in the competitive world. TikTok provides a way to monitor your audience’s performance.

A Pro-Account on TikTok gives you access to view the reports when your followers are active and engaged. You can view it in the Follower tab by choosing the Follower Activity option. It shows all the information of your followers useful for you to grow your business.

Concentrate on publishing your videos when your audience is active. It helps you to achieve your target of engaging more audience to your business in a fast way. The engagement rate increases enormously and gets your videos to showcase for many new users. Reaching your videos to many new people may increase your product visibility and gain more followers of your business.

7. Never Delete Your Old Videos

You can choose the option to delete your old video if you have any specific reason alone. Many experts suggest keeping all your old videos even if it does not perform well. The TikTok algorithm will not use any of your old data to identify your ranking for your new videos. Each of your videos is evaluated based on your own metrics. So the videos with weaker content will not drag you down from the TikTok ranking. 

In fact, there may be a chance to get your old or non-performing video going viral overnight. From research, a theory called “Batch” theory gives a report that even very old videos are shared among many groups till now. If this theory works out well, start sharing your old video in many groups.

Even if it gains a single like, it may increase your potential in your business. Likewise, there are many examples and tips to make your old videos viral on TikTok.

8. Use Relevant And Popular Hashtags

All the people on social media may know the importance of hashtags to grow your visibility on these platforms. But using popular hashtags relevant to your business can impact your video visibility on TikTok.

It also allows you to run hashtag challenges that are nothing but creating an engaging video and publish it using a particular hashtag related to your brand or business. After that, ask your audience to make a video with the same concept using your particular hashtag on their page. It leads to greater engagement improving your brand popularity.

If you find it difficult to choose hashtags on your own, TikTok provides a way to take popular hashtags for your engaging content. Just type the hashtag keyword on the Discover tab and see all the hashtags trending on TikTok. Analyze it, pick a relevant hashtag to your business and content, and then use it in your publishing content, which gets a higher response than your old content.

Final Thought

Over the wide range of users on TikTok, all the marketers, influencers, and other creators are on the TikTok platform to grow their individual visibility.

With successful content and your creativity, you can make a huge impact on your business in a positive way. The above TikTok algorithm will give you a hand to boost your performance and make your business trending with a successful strategy. 

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