How to Sell Your Products To Walmart?

In this article Joe McVoy talks about how to get your product into stores like Walmart, Target and other top retailers and make substantial amount of profits from it. Joe has sold over $45 million of his inventions to major retailers including Walmart, Target and others. Find below Joe’s story in his own words. As […]

By Joe McVoy | Sales

Deal Making : Understanding Implied Value

Joe McVoy of Profitable Marketing Systems talks about Understanding Implied Value Of Your Deal Before You Pitch your deal to investors and venture capitalists. Joe McVoy made a name for himself by selling products worth millions of dollars to Wal-Mart. Find below, the article written by Joe in his own words. We had a deal […]

By Joe McVoy | Sales

What’s The Life Line To Your Bottom Line In Today’s Economy?

Sales is the Life Line to Your Bottom Line in Today’s New Economy of Buyers? You must appreciate that sales revenue is the life line to your bottom line.  Without buyers, there are no sales. Without sales, there are no revenues. The world revolves around sales, but more importantly, it now needs to revolve around […]

By Bob Urichuck | Sales

The Link Between Sales And Golf

Everybody knows there’s been a strong bond between golf and salesmen, probably since the outset of the game, and most of the top sales professionals are extremely good golfers. A lot of business is conducted on the links, but this article isn’t about how to sell on the golf course, rather it’s about the many […]

By Anthony Donnelly | Sales

Tips on How to Attract Capital and Successfully Exit a Business

The death of “THE DEAL” has been greatly exaggerated since the financial meltdown of September 2008. Yes, there has been a dramatic slowdown of deal closings for business owners seeking to raise capital or sell their business but the deal has never died. While few predict a dramatic pickup in deal volume any time soon, […]

By R Travis Coley | Sales
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