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How To Get Ahead With Your Savings Whilst You’re Still Young!

Being young can be difficult, especially financially. With various student loans or other financial commitments, it can be hard to keep any money to yourself. Yet, if you take the time to plan ahead, you can easily and effectively get a good start on your savings whilst for the future.   Become Financially Knowledgeable. First of […]


Managing Business Growth

Your Business is Growing. Now What? Your business is finally growing and everyone is excited about all the new possibilities. Every business that experiences growth will find that it is an exciting time and also a fearful time. For some it may even be the first time that they have faced growth and may even […]


Achieving Goals: Interview with Goals Guy – Gary Ryan Blair Part 1

This is an interview with Gary Ryan Blair often referred to as the “Goals Guy.” He is the author of the best selling book “Everything Counts: 52 remarkable ways to inspire excellence and drive results”. In this interview he talks about how people should consciously create a personal strategic plan for achieving goals just like […]


Qualities of A Great CEO

Patricia Thompson, a corporate psychologist who works with companies and does psychological assessments on candidates for high-level positions writes in great detail about some of the qualities required to be a great CEO. The qualities a company looks for in a CEO can vary somewhat, depending on the organization’s culture and the state of the […]

By Patricia Thompson | Motivation and Business Success

The Most Important Quality of Leadership

Change comes at us like a huge wave in the ocean and we need to be ready to jump high or dive down. We never know which is best till that moment of truth. The rest of the time we practice, practice, practice. It is vital for leaders to be flexible physically, emotionally, and mentally. […]

By Sylvia Lafair | Motivation and Business Success

Confessions of a Workaholic

I built a business once when I was a young single mother, a long, long time ago. It supported us well. I got tired and started looking for a partner, in life…in business…who knows. I found both. After working together for five years, I was broke. Manual labor business is like that. Many service industries […]


Understanding the Power of Intention

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr Wayne Dyers The last week I read an article on the Power of Intention written by Harv Eker. Harv believes that if there is something that you really want and you have a compelling reason for wanting it, […]


When Goals in Life Fail

“There’s a guy at your office named Bill. He’s not accomplishing his goals in life. Why not?” I periodically throw this question out when I’m giving a talk on leadership or goal setting. It doesn’t matter whether I’m speaking to entrepreneurs, executives or management students, the response is almost always something like the following: “Bill’s […]

By Stephen Balzac | Motivation and Business Success
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