Make New Friends But Keep The Old. Marketing Lessons From A Pro.

Remember in brownies as a kid we sang “ Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” To succeed in small business, it is so important to focus not only on attracting new clients but also treating your old clients like gold. We know that it takes 8-10 times more […]

By Sarah Petty | Marketing

How Negative Publicity Landed Dr Wayne In Jail?

This is a Story of Dr Wayne, PhD – Bio-Scientist who ended up in jail due to negative publicity by a reporter in the media. This is his story in his own words, “I was a very well respected Natural Doctor in my community, helping so many ill people become healthy again using only food, […]

By admin | Marketing

5 Steps To Grow Your Business On Twitter

Think that twitter is for the birds? If so you’re missing out on a powerful social marketing media tool. Any entrepreneur seeking to expand their business presence should be tweeting on a daily basis. Twitter is a no frills platform. No extensive profile to be filled out, no pictures to upload and no bells or […]

By Ryan Biddulph | Marketing

Top 3 Gurus Who Can Help You Leverage Your Social Media Efforts

The last time, I had a seminar in Mumbai, India, an older gentleman who seemed to be over 50 years old asked me how do I get to know about facebook and other social media. At the time, I was presenting a seminar on entrepreneurship and not social media marketing. So now, I decided to […]

By The Editor | Marketing
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