How to Lead Your Content Marketing Strategy in the Right Direction

content marketing strategy

Nowadays, the theory of content marketing is selling like hot cake, and it has become one of the most leading marketing strategies at the disposal of a small business.

But what content marketing boils down to is analyzing your brand content and sharing it on different mediums. 

To improve your content marketing efficiency, you must consider two things:

  • The first thing – You need a documented content strategy to align your demo script, web copies, white paper, and marketing content that immediately addresses the needs and wants of your customers and prospects.
  •  The next thing you must consider is that all marketing content must appeal to every stage of your buyer’s journey, from building product awareness to expanding your customer relationship and accelerating demand.

Do You Have Specific Goals?

With the different aspects of your business to consider, you want to steer your content in a clear direction to success.

Without an aim, there is the best chance that your marketing content initiatives will be aimless and lack overall impact. There is a huge number of tangible criteria businesses can strive for with their content marketing.

The three most common goals are increasing website traffic, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

Challenge – Readers Will Skim No Matter How Worthy Your Content Is

You might raise an eyebrow at what you just read, but it’s true.

The website visitors who land aren’t always the avid bookworms who pick up every book on the shelf and every magazine in the rack. The website readers skim through content, and majorly of them look only at overviews.

With their fleeting attention and interest, it’s always better to give them content that they can go through. Do remember that not only blog writing, but it’s equally important to implement content marketing for small businesses that always helps people to get immediate solutions. 

Think Of Keywords but Focus on People

From the SEO point of view, your content writing should include the right keywords.

Again, the norms vary from situation to situation depending on what the requirement is. Some people focus on keyword density, while others are keener to look at keyword relevance in a sentence.

In any case, it’s important to keep an eye out for what keywords suit your content and how your content can include keywords because those are precisely the terms people are going to be looking for when they search on the search engines!

Consistency With Message! Don’t Confuse People

When it comes to marketing, this is one area where you cannot afford to be random or unclear – communicating your idea. Inbound marketing lets you create a magnificent first impression and authority through content, unlike the real world, where you can go out and convince people.

Therefore, your copy, at the end of the day, should have a clear goal.

Make sure it doesn’t confuse people with a contradictory piece of advice. To even perform better on the web, videos and podcasts articulate better.

What’s Your Exact Message?

So what’s your content all about? How are you benefiting the end-user?

Copywriting and blog posts, at least those for businesses, should be crisp and should send out clear messages to the audience. In other words, your content should be remembered.  With the easy availability of so much information on the web, good content is the only thing that survives.

Your reader should remember enjoying your work; only then will they come back, appreciate, acknowledge and encourage your web presence.

Of course, you must be aware that while talking about your product or services, your focus should be on HOW beneficial the content is for them, rather than how good you are. And hence, you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t sing like a direct sales pitch while creating SEO-optimized content briefs or writing actual blog content.

Think About Search Behaviour

An article might suggest that, yes, there could be a potential solution to a need.

When someone has carefully curated a list, it might make you develop a rosy glow of pleasure that you have found everything in one place. But does it do more than build awareness? Sometimes… maybe!

But, specifically on the web, it’s all about WHAT people are searching for, and by this, I don’t mean what they are looking for. For instance, they may be looking to find the latest deal at an eCommerce store. But what is it that they search on the search engine? Is it deals, a particular brand, or something else?

Diversity of Content

This idea can be one of the perfect ways to drive your business forward. About marketing, the best content marketer uses an average of thirteen various tactics. The modern content formats embraced by marketers are social media, blogs, articles on your website, podcasts, and email newsletters.

While captivating content marketing, you should utilize and diversify as numerous content formats as possible to grow your content reach.

Content That Simply Promotes Awareness

It might be in the form of research, an infographic, an e-book (not a novel!), a playbook, or a guide. Your content might be wrapped in a video that goes viral. These types of content might be successful at getting your brand ‘out there,’ but does it make your viewer give you any further consideration? Does it ultimately drive them towards conversion into a customer?

It may even be suggested that a viral video is the kind of thing someone might click on when one is bored at work; it might be an opportunity, but it’s unlikely.  Sometimes infographics are treated like that too. So although these vehicles are hailed as being great traffic drivers they might not suit your brand and where a customer is in the potential buying cycle.

E-Newsletters, Press Releases, and Case Studies Often Seem to Do Better

If you want to narrow the field of search and start getting someone interested in you, maybe it’s worth producing a feature guide, collating some customer testimonials for examples, and doing it imaginatively.

However, it is also worth remembering you are still a long way off from handing out a pricing guide. Don’t forget too that emails are very valuable forms of content that need to be planned carefully.

Use More Social Media

The primary thrust of your content marketing is to get the correct word out in as many ways as possible. Social media networks are one of the best and most leading approaches to do this content marketing.

Most businesses use this platform to market their business. To mold your content strategy to be more impactful, then you’d want to tap on the most popular social platforms where your targeted audience hangs on.

Alternative to Networking Events

One of the best ways to succeed in your marketing strategy was through face-to-face events. Over seventy percent of content marketers believe these in-person approaches were very effective. Networking was at the core of fueling their sales pipeline for B2B marketers. COVID-19 pulled the plug on this strategy, and most of the B2B brands are designating this available budget to content syndication.

With syndication, you can tap on a wider audience, and they can search your content on larger platforms, gaining the overall authority and exponential reach of your content. 

Track What Is Happening Through Very Basic Reports

You can see the impact of content marketing in the amount of organic or referral traffic, the number of page views, or time spent on site. Domain authority, comments, and shares are all great indicators of how well your content is faring.

I guess what you need to realize is that our copy should be carefully personalized. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Email, Quora, or Youtube, consider what stage of the process, your potential viewers might be at and skew the message accordingly. Think too about your chosen platform, the unification of the brand is paramount but the message will be different depending on where you are posting.

Conventional Marketing Strategies Are History

In this tech-savvy era, customers today temporize when approached with traditional marketing without carrying a touch of personalization. Modern personalized marketing such as the type embraced by top brands on social media and email, allows small businesses to send remunerative offers they want to receive.

With the advent of ad blockers, people simply turn on them to skip off advertising pop-ups. The advanced tech has enlarged them the control of how and when they opt to be marketed to, and smart businesses are nurturing this wave of modern marketing where they tend to focus more on inbound approach without being “SALESY” to their prospects.

So How Do You Write the Kind of Content That Everyone Wants to Read?

I think it all comes down to knowing the audience.

Ask yourself about your social media followers or the kinds of people visiting your blog. What do they want? What are they looking for? After all, emotion evolved to help us deal with surviving.

Therefore for the survival of your blog, product, service, or brand, think about how you can provoke the appropriate emotional response that will prompt the action you desire. 


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