Dealing With Difficult Employees

Being a manager is never an easy ride. Along with the shells, you will also have to deal with some sand. Every company will have some good employees as well as some ‘not-so-easy’ to handle employees. How you handle them proves your effectiveness as a manager. Here are some ways of dealing with difficult employees:

Give specific feedback when dealing with difficult employees

Some managers go on complaining about an employee instead of trying to deal with the issue directly. Go to that employee and give him clear cut feedback on his work and behavior and let him know what is expected of him. Don’t beat around the bush; just be blunt and specific. These are the two important things your feedback should accomplish:
• It should lower the employee’s defensiveness.
• It gives them a sense of clear guidance.

Document the important points

Don’t forget to document everything. Unless you clearly show the details, even a truly penalty-deserving candidate will walk free. Therefore, you should have good documentation which can serve you at your time of need.

Be a listener always

Sometimes you could be so annoyed and irritated with an employee that you shut your ears to him. No, a good manager should always be a good listener. Listen to his case. Try to understand his story. Sometimes, when things go out of hand, it may not necessarily be the employee’s fault. Only when you actually listen, you will be able to discern and make the right decisions. Sometimes, just listening and allowing the employee to open up can help in resolving issues.

Be clear on stating consequences

Be clear when you state consequences. Say that if an employee doesn’t mend ways or match up to a certain level within a stipulated time, he will have to suffer certain consequences. Be straight forward and award the punishment if necessary. Only that will help curb the other undisciplined employees.

Be bold and take the right step

You cannot be soft and sweet all the time. Sometimes it is necessary to deal strictly with a mediocre employee. It’s not very easy to fire a person. But a good manager has to take that step if necessary and at the right time if such a need arises.

Don’t talk behind their backs

If an employee isn’t up to the mark or is resistant, go talk to that person directly instead of talking behind his back to other employees. That will create a sense of distrust and will paint a negative picture of you.

When you consider these practical tips while dealing with your difficult employees, you will be satisfied knowing you have done your best as a manager.


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