Do You Need To Market Yourself Along With Your Business Marketing Plan?

Do You Need To Market Yourself

You may have a Business Marketing Plan, but do you have a Personal Marketing Plan?

How does your market perceive your business?  How does your market perceive you?  How would you like them to perceive your business, and you? What are you doing about it?

Keep in mind that your market is what makes your living. You have to react to their needs and desires.

So how are you positioned in your market?  Are you getting the respect you deserve or are you just like the rest of them?  In order to stand out of the crowd you have to create you own personal marketing program. I am not talking about the marketing program created by or for your organization, I am talking about a personal marketing program – one built by you for you.

One of the greatest opportunities we have in business, and in sales, is to develop our reputation and to build our network.  Some of us are even paid to do just that.

With or without a sale, each and every day we are building, or destroying, our reputation and our network. The key is to build that reputation and network through a personal marketing program.

People buy from people, particularly people they like.  A personal marketing program will separate you from everyone else.  You can position yourself as the leader in the field with the most credibility and respect, if you are willing to go the extra mile.  The extra mile is simply giving more of your expertise in a manner that is valued.

But first take the time to define your market;  Who are they, what do they look like, where are they located, what are their problems, their needs and desires?   Describe your ideal prospect – Profile them.  What are their likes and dislikes?  How do you market to them?  How do you meet them?  How do you start and maintain a relationship?

Your marketing department probably already asked the above questions, but you need to answer them for yourself based on your knowledge.  You are the product or service now and you need your own marketing program.  People buy whatever you have to sell because of who you are.

How will you position yourself in the market place – your territory or your accounts?

There are some simple and obvious ways to position yourself for success in your personal marketing program.  For example, you can identify the associations that your market gets involved in and you too can get actively involved in a leadership or executive role within that association.  I have even gone as far as being a founding president of an association chapter.

If it is credibility that you need, consider writing a newsletter, articles or tip sheets for local newspapers or magazines on a regular basis or share your expertise through public speaking.  I do both of these on a regular basis.

I have articles that have been published worldwide with my photo and contact information.  In addition, every time I speak I get more leads for speaking, sales training and education materials.  The more articles that I write and the more I speak, the more I sell.  Think of what would happen to your sales if you publicly shared your information in a passionate and sincere way.

The objective behind your personal marketing plan is to position yourself as an expert in your field.  As someone who is known, recognized and networked.

With a good personal marketing plan you will be referred and chased through word of mouth as opposed to chasing.  But you must also keep your network in mind and continuously recognize and reward them for their positive behaviour.  You should even create a win-win referral system as part of your plan.

About the author

Bob Urichuck is a certified social entrepreneur, a catalyst for constant improvement and a cultivator of human potential.Visit to download your complimentary White Paper “The New Economy of Buyers, Why Traditional and Consultative Selling Methods No Longer Work.”

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