Elements of Charismatic Leadership

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Charismatic leadership comes to some people naturally, while others have to work hard at it.

Is it their external persona or is it some internal traits?

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Every person has something called character. And building that character into something attractive is much easier than we think. Everyone can learn to be a charismatic leader.

Here are a few elements to consider:

#1 Your back story

A backstory is your life story that talks about who you are, where you come from, and your life experiences.

This is usually the story you publish on the about page of your website.

In the past, I rarely took my about pages seriously. But when I looked at my heat file, the about page was the most visited page on my website.

So don’t undermine the power of your backstory.

#2 Parables

These are little stories, and moments that taught you important lessons in life. If you read the bible, it is filled with parables.

We tend to learn from stories and experiences. Sharing these with your audience is a great way for them to learn from your experiences.

#3 Flaws

Human beings are flawed creatures. Beauty lies in imperfection rather than perfection. All of us have flaws.

I remember a story told to me by a very wise man a long time ago, this person was on the board of directors, and they were hiring a CEO. The board zeroed in on a very smart guy. The entire board was happy with this candidate. They just couldn’t find a flaw with this CEO candidate.

He was hired. After many years, he sank the business. He was someone very good at hiding his flaws. He hid all the negatives of the business, and kept telling the board that the business was doing very well.

Having flaws in your character adds that human element to your personality.

#4 Opinionated

Look at any election campaign, who is the winning candidate? It’s mostly the person who takes a stand. If you are someone who is always neutral, and takes the middle ground, most likely you’re going to disappear from the scene. No one is going to remember you.

Individuals who take a stand on important issues, and polarize an audience are the ones who are remembered. They are usually loved, or hated. There is no middle ground.


Charismatic leadership sometimes requires conscious steps if it doesn’t come to you naturally. Being aware of these elements can help you transform yourself into a leader of repute.

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