How to Engage Customers at your Next Tradeshow

How to Engage Customers at your Next Tradeshow

There’s no point going to an exhibition if you don’t attract the right sort of attention and that means getting visitors to your stand and interacting with them when they’re there.

Of course, attracting the right sort of people to your stand can be a big benefit and is one of the best ways to get new business leads. Of course, everyone else there will be attempting to do the same, meaning you’ve to ensure your stand rises above the rest. So, here are some tips on how to engage customers.

How to Get Visitors to Your Stand

Getting visitors to your stand is the first step and we’ve got some tried and tested manners to do it.


Getting people engaged is often about being creative – whether that means having a Scalextric track, a clown or a person making balloon animals. Get them over by grabbing their initial attention.

Stand Design – of course, a spectacular stand also goes a long way to creating interest in your stand. A spectacular stand doesn’t have to be a gimmick and focusing on creating a quality stand that conveys information and attracts attention can be a great way to get the right sort of attention. Bold colours, innovative lighting, and a different shape of stand can all work towards this. Why not learn more about our design process?

Workshops – Offering people something of value for their business is often a good way to get the correct sort of attention and workshops can be great. Developing a well-researched workshop and demonstrating it to an audience can be a great way to get people over to your stand and to interact with your business. Develop a talk on some intriguing topics and you’ll certainly grasp some people’s interest by providing them with interesting solutions to business problems.


Engaging people at your stand is something that can greatly help and though there are many great practices, there are no one-size-fits-all manners to achieve this. Here are some things we’ve found work for some of our clients at Exhibe:

  • Coffee – it’s a great way to get people interested and works a treat as people come over for a hot cup and then stay for a chat. A great way to engage people. Caffeine also helps encourage people to begin talking.
  • Staff should be engaging and friendly and seem knowledgeable about the brand
  • Live Tweeting – this can be a great way to get people to follow you on social media and helps engage and inform people about your brand and what you’re up to on-site
  • Video – A quality video that stimulates and informs can be worth its weight in gold. Be sure to add some calls-to-action and a QR code to make contact easier for a follow-up

Great stands and exhibitions are all about the little things and paying attention to detail. There are numerous ways this can be done as you can see. So, focus on some of the advice above and you should be able to ensure you make more of your next trade show.


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