Exhibition Display

Exhibition Display

Exhibition stands and displays, such as Large printed banners and posters are popular in these modern times as they provide an effective way of advertising a product either in a store, at a trade show or at an exhibition. They can also be used in locations that are outside thanks to the durable materials that they can be printed on. These forms of advertisement are also perfect for companies that need to be mobile, as the banners can often be rolled up or unfolded and packed away. Usually the first stage in creating an exhibition display is addressing what images or products will be presented and how they will fit onto the chosen advertisement product or in the chosen exhibition space. It is then a matter of choosing the display products, sizes and any extra features that may be needed in certain conditions or situations. In this article we will take a look at the sort of products that are available and how they are useful compared to the other products on the market.

Roller banners

This is one of the more basic forms of exhibition  stand, but is effective as a means of advertising. The roller banners consist of a printed image on a large sheet of material. This can then be hung from a ceiling or can be slotted into a stand. The roller banner stand designs are easily interchangeable with different graphics and are extremely tough and durable. Some also have stands which are angled and create a curve effect to the graphic that is placed in it. Most roller banners can also be rolled away and stored in a compact bag.

Digital media displays

These are design to entice customers through the use of high defenition video previews and interactions via computer devices that may display new products and outline new or interesting features. Users may wish to bring in interactive screens that can be used by the customer. Stands which hold individual iPads are also available for those that wish to contain their exhibition in a more compact and mobile way. Customers can then experience software on the iPad with the guidance of a demonstrator.

Literature displays

Literature displays are useful as they offer a stylish way of offering free catalogues and media to customers who may be interested in a product. Placing a literature stand close to the exhibited products will entice more customers and will give them something to take away. These can come a variety of sizes and designs, often with several A4 sized spaces to load up with magazines or leaflets. They also should be sturdy and should be built from a strong and light material.

There are many other devices which can be used to exhibit imagery and products, from cable displays, which can hang a selection of ordered images, to flexible printed graphics that can be stuck to pillars and other surfaces that have curves or angles within them. A large amount of exhibition display options are now available, which should cater to your needs when laying out designs and displaying your products.

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Luke Robinson works for Merit Display, a professional Exhibition Stands and Display company baed in the UK. Visit www.merit-display.co.uk for further information on their products and services.


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