Going Paperless: The Undeniable Advantages

Going Paperless: The Undeniable Advantages

The world is moving away from paper-based technologies. Companies that have chosen to ignore this shift find themselves struggling to keep up as far as competitiveness and efficiency are concerned. But is the paperless office really the way to go; is it as beneficial as people bring it out to be? The following are several undeniable advantages that come with document scanning & the paperless office model.

Paperless officeCost Reduction

This is one of the most notable benefits of embracing the paperless way of life. Businesses today are doing all they can to try and lower operation costs as much as possible. This, undoubtedly, is the only way one can remain competitive. Document scanning can greatly contribute to cost cutting in any office environment. Once you go paperless, it may no longer be necessary to spend money at the post office. Any paper documents that need to be mailed will simply be scanned and sent electronically. Businesses that constantly communicate with their clients through printed statements etc stand to make the most savings.

Free Space

Office space is not cheap. In most cases, rent is charged on a per-foot basis. Many offices still have large cabinets where all manner of documents are stored. Obviously these take up a significant amount of floor space. This particular problem can be solved by embracing the paperless office model. There really is no document that cannot be scanned and stored in digital format. A single DVD, which can fit in the pocket, can store thousands of files that would otherwise take up hundreds of square feet of office space. The saved space can then be used to expand operations, leased out or relinquished to save on rent.

Easier Access

It is much easier to locate files stored in digital format than those that are packed up in filing cabinets. Obviously, this is because in the latter case one has to search for individual documents physically. With digital records, however, all you need to do is type in the name of the file you are looking for in a search box, click enter, and it will be presented to you. Undoubtedly this saves a lot of time hence significantly improving efficiency and reducing frustration among staff members.


Paper files can easily be destroyed in fire accidents, floods etc. This can be quite devastating to a company, and more so if the affected documents contain vital business data. With document scanning, however, this particular risk can be eliminated almost entirely. This is because once all files have been converted to digital format, multiple backups can be created and stored in different locations.


It is also quite easy to secure information stored in digital format hence preventing it from falling in the wrong hands. Various technologies can be used to achieve this end including encryption, password protection just to mention a few. With paper documents, the best thing you can do is lock them up in a filing cabinet or safe. As you are probably aware, all these can easily be compromised with the right tools.


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