How Much Research Is Too Much Research?

In the world of business, have you ever wondered how much research is too much research? Have you ever wondered if there is a maximum return on investment that you can get when it comes to finding out what other kinds of brands or companies exist out in the world who do similar things to what you do? You might think that beyond a certain number of hours or beyond a certain amount of money, it’s not worth it to continue trying to dredge up data about competitors.

But just because it’s expensive and time-consuming, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find further value there.

Consider different times when research would be both critical and time-consuming. If you plan on starting a business, as you are working through a business plan, you need to spend a lot of time researching potential competition. If you plan on promoting your brand, you have to research how to protect that brand once it’s out in public.

And finally, you can study the legal history of similar companies. What kind of lifecycle did their business go through, and what were the events most closely associated with success and failure?

Competition Research In a Business Plan

You might think you have the best idea in the world, and so you start making a business plan to see if it could be financially lucrative for you to start a company and then provide a product or service to the world. As far as research grows, there is a fairly extensive section in a business plan that suggests that you look at all of your possible competitors.

If you don’t do this extensively and obsessively, then you may unfortunately be surprised when you find out that you will be competing for market share with a company that is already well-established.

Brand Protection

It costs a lot of money to create a brand and then begin promoting it. One of the things that you should do early on during your business activities is to hire a research company to protect your brand. You are not going to have the resources to do this on your own. But, outsourcing this essential step of brand protection will keep potential intellectual property thieves from piggybacking on all of your efforts.

Legal History

Within the realm of research, you should read the history of the most successful companies in the world. Find out how they started. Find out how they continued their positive efforts. Find out how they grew. Even if you spend a year researching all of the incredible histories of these companies, you will not even be partially through all of the things that you can learn. So basically, the question of is it possible to research too much before pushing into a new business venture is a hearty “no!”



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