How to Become a Succesful Business Leader by Balancing Skepticism with an Open Mind?

How to Become a Succesful Business Leader by Balancing Skepticism with an Open Mind?

It is true that with serious competition in the market, if you don’t innovate then you will die. However, it is also true that not all great ideas you receive would be awe inspiring and brilliant. Some of them would be simple and clichéd. Some others would be good but impractical. Out of the ones left, there would be those that you can actually try and find out their effectiveness.

As a business unit and leader, you can’t let your skepticism rule your head. If you do so, there would be no motivation to put forth great ideas and people would give up before they even begin. It is always the case that people choose either openness or skepticism but a good manager learns to balance the two. There are many things you can do to be a good and organized manager and the following points will help you with it – How to Become a Successful Business Leader by Balancing Skepticism with an Open Mind?

Listen To Everything

When an idea exchange takes place, have an open mind policy and be accepting of everything you get. You should be open and flexible to all the suggestions and ideas that your employees put in front of you. Remember that this is not the implementing stage but just the sharing stage. It is the beginning of the long process of innovation and you have nothing to be afraid of.

When your fellow employees see that you are not criticizing or rejecting their ideas, they would be calmer and more confident. This confidence inspired by your openness would let them share more freely and without inhibitions.


There is a way to improve or promote improved thinking without being critical. Have a debate where people can discuss and have counter arguments over each other’s ideas. If an idea seems dull and boring at first, maybe it would seem better once someone else’s mind works on it. People work and think differently and there are many ways to look at something. Maybe the change of perspective will work for that particular idea.

As the idea progresses through various improvement stages, it would get better and feasible. Also, the creative debate might spark something great in your team and organization.

Be Skeptical During Implementation

After you have discussed your idea and have decided to implement it, get a prototype made. This would help you in visualizing the idea and might make things clearer. Now, after the prototype has been created, this is when you bring you skeptical side out. Think of all the possible ways it could go wrong and keep making improvements until it is perfect and just the way you want it to be.

Now is the time to be practical and businesslike, you have to think with a clear head and ensure that there are no problems with the final implementation stage.

Sometimes it helps to read quotations by famous people to stimulate creative thinking in the initial brainstorming sessions. You should definitely give it a try because you never know what inspires whom.


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