How to Choose the Right Keynote Speaker for Your Group

How to Choose the Right Motivational Speaker for Your Group

A keynote speaker can be a very powerful tool to inform and inspire a group of people. When you match the right speaker with the group, the message that the keynote speaker will convey has incredible power to influence and motivate. The words of the speaker might reveal truths or help the listeners to grasp complex concepts about life and their purpose. However, it is important to find the right speaker for your group.

There are many keynote speakers out there to choose from, each with their own experiences and specific focus. You could find any type of inspirational speaker out there, from someone who learned to mountain climb even with a prosthetic limb or a successful business woman who climbed her way out of poverty. But how can you choose the right keynote speaker for your particular group?

Here are some important things to consider when choosing a keynote speaker:

What is the Biggest Issue for Your Group?

In order to decide which speaker will be the most inspiring, you need to think about the issue that is most important for your specific group. What are the obstacles that are holding them back? Your group will benefit from hearing a speaker who has faced the same sort of obstacles as them and succeeded. Perhaps your group suffers from low self-esteem, or they are struggling with poverty? Maybe they are troubled by broken families or they face significant physical challenges.

Whatever it is that is holding them back, you can likely find a keynote speaker who will be able to talk about their experiences with that particular issue. When you find a speaker who has been through the same things as your group, they will be able to identify with the speaker and the lessons will be so much more real.

Entertainment vs. Message – What is Most Important?

You will need to decide whether the entertainment value of your keynote speaker is the most important thing, or whether it is the message that should be top priority. Remember that the most entertaining or exciting speaker (such as a celebrity or a really funny speaker) might not offer the most deep and meaningful message. Perhaps you want to find a balance between entertainment and motivational meaning, such as a 30/70 or 50/50 split? There are many professional speakers who can hit the right balance of both and deliver a talk that is amusing as well as profound.

The Keynote Speaker’s Fees

Of course, it is important to consider how much you will be paying your motivational speaker and how this will fit into your budget. Usually, the higher the fees for the speaker the better quality their presentation will be, so you don’t want to scrimp on fees and end up hiring someone who is very lackluster. However, you don’t want to overspend if you don’t have the budget, as this will detract from the other areas of your finances. Take your time to shop around and find a speaker who suits your budget and will deliver a program that is good value for money.

Get a Preview

Of course, before you hire a professional motivational keynote speaker, you should try to see a preview of their speaking skills so that you can get a sense of what their performance will be like. Most motivational speakers will have a website and will likely have video clips of their speeches that you can preview. This will give you a good sense of whether they are pleasant to listen to and articulate their message well.

Also, if you get the chance you can try to attend another event where your motivational speaker is giving a talk. This way, you will be able to see them live so that you can watch not only their performance, but also the reactions of the audience members.

Choosing a motivational speaker can be difficult, but it is worth taking your time to get it right. The wrong motivational speaker won’t be able to connect with your audience or offer relevant insight, so they will be somewhat of a waste of money. However, the right motivational speaker can give your audience incredibly profound insight and inspire them on to do great things.

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Shawna Penn is a freelance writer and blogger who lives with her husband and two children. She loves listening to motivational speakers and finds their messages very empowering and inspiring.


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