How to Grow Your Business at Lightning Speed

How to Grow Your Business at Lightning Speed

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are plagued by self-doubt and negativity of others interfering with you achieving your goals in a timely manner.  The following system enables you to achieve your far off dream much more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Begin by writing your mission statement – one or two sentences possibly reflecting:

–          How you wish to be remembered later in life

–          How you help others

–          You plan on becoming the best known in your field.

Secondly, set a 12-month stretch goal defined as what you really believe will take 15 months to achieve.  When you do reach this “dream goal”, you will be out celebrating with friends!

Now set two quarterly goals to tie into your yearly goal.  These are smaller project to help you remain focused on the larger twelve-month stretch goal. Now set six monthly goals at a time throughout the year.  Each monthly goal will help you to remain focused on each of your quarterly goals, and in turn your 12-month stretch goal.

Every Sunday evening list what it is you must accomplish by Friday afternoon to move forward more quickly.  By finishing these projects not only will you be on target for your monthly, quarterly and yearly goal, but you will finally be able to relax and enjoy your weekends.

Each evening list exactly what must be accomplished the next day that relates to your weekly, monthly, quarterly and 12 month stretch goals.  In this manner, not only will you be working toward the larger picture every day, you will also be highly efficient and able to sleep at night without worry.  You know you are performing up to par at all times!

The “magic bullets” of our Smooth Sale system will help you to achieve your 12 month stretch goal in 9 – 12 months.  How can I confidently say this, you ask?

As a new entrepreneur some years ago, others in my field laughed at me because all I did was ask questions of them.  I never boasted about my activities instead I learned from others.  In the meantime, I diligently stuck to the guide I have laid out for you today.

Between years three and four of being in business, those businesspeople who previously laughed at me began to exclaim, “My goodness your business is growing at lightning speed!” This was always followed by the question, “How did you do it?” I was surpassing them even though they had been in business so much longer.

So let’s seriously consider the pointers below that will make a significant difference for you.

Goal Accelerators:

  1. Prioritize your weekly and daily goals in terms of their direct relation to your 12-month stretch goal and money making potential.
  2. The top money making tasks should be completed first because they affect your bottom line.  Most people do the tiny tasks first to “get them out of the way”.  These are time wasters. Focus instead on what truly needs to be done.
  3. Two of your goals must relate to your yearly goal – I call these your daily business vitamins.
  4. Hold a meeting with yourself every six months; include employees if you have them.  Create a monthly form that charts what you have accomplished for the month, what still needs to be completed, and what did not work as anticipated.  View what did not work well as your marketing research, toss aside and plug in a new project in its place.

This review process should be viewed as one of wisdom for taking the time to understand your markets and how to best build your business.  By substituting projects, you will greatly increase your percentages for success and achieve your goals far more quickly!

Bonus tip:  Answering the question of how did I grow my business so quickly, everything was documented as suggested above.  From my documentation, I was easily able to create products on the subject of “ How to grow Your Business: mindset, strategy and implementation,” coach, train and teach webinars.  You too will be able to do the same!

About the Author

Elinor Stutz is an International Speaker, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC – a sales training company that offers training, coaching, webinars and information products and Author of two international books  “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” that was featured in TIME Magazine and sells worldwide and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews” that will be released in October and is translating into Chinese.

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