How To Improve Your Productivity In Autumn

How To Improve Your Productivity In Autumn

As the evenings start to get dark and the weather gets colder you might notice some changes in your productivity. It can be harder to get out of bed for work when it’s chilly and dark in the mornings. Addressing your productivity as Autumn sets in is a good idea. You can plan for the next quarter and look at ways to get the most out of your day. Here are some things to bear in mind and tips to help keep you successful and productive throughout Autumn

Head To The Gym

Keep healthy through Autumn by keeping up your fitness regime. It’s nice to do exercise outdoors in the summer, maybe join a gym so that you have somewhere to work out on rainy Autumn days. Exercise can really help improve productivity and make you feel more focused. Plan out your exercise routine for each week so that you find time to fit gym visits around your work.

Get Some Sunlight

It will start to feel a little darker in the office in Autumn so make sure you get some natural light shining into the office and get outside on sunny days. Lots of people are prone to seasonal affective disorder in Autumn and Winter when the days are short and there isn’t as much sunlight. This can seriously impact your productivity so it’s worth getting a bit of vitamin D when you can.

Walk To Work

Just because it is colder doesn’t mean you can’t still walk to work. You will feel much fresher and ready to face the day if you get some fresh air and gentle exercise before work. Even if you just do it a few days a week it can really help.

Check The Office Temperature

Nobody works well when they are too hot or too cold. If you are sat shivering away in the office you will find it very hard to concentrate, and it isn’t nice feeling uncomfortable at work. Check the temperature in your office and agree on something that everyone is happy with. Remember to open windows if your office gets stuffy easily. A lot of people are reluctant to open windows as the weather gets colder but it’s important to get regular fresh air if you want to stay productive.

Take Plenty Of Breaks

This is a strict rule you should abide by all year round. Don’t work for hours on end without taking a break. You may think you are getting more work done, when in reality if you take regular breaks to clear your head you will be far more productive. Even if it’s just a quick coffee break or taking 5 minutes outside the office it will help.

Set Goals For Autumn

To keep motivated throughout Autumn you will need some seasonal goals. Have a think about what you want to achieve over the next couple of months and write down some goals and targets. You might want to set daily, weekly and monthly targets to keep challenging yourself.

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