How to Judge Interview Attire?

How to Judge Interview Attire

When it comes to evaluating potential employees’ attire, you can go too far. Obviously, the clothes they choose to wear won’t indicate their ability to perform the job. That said, as a company, you’ll want to give off a level of respectability that’s appropriate for the position you’re offering. It’ll also show whether the interviewee has gone through the trouble of researching the sort of dress code the company has.How to Judge Interview Attire? Here are some hard and fast rules which apply to most interviewing situations.

Interview Attire - Startup Growth ExpertShoes 

Shoes must be presentable and clean. For women, you should
expect small to mid-height heels or office-worthy flats. Open-toe heels or skyscraper stilettos are a big no-no. The men should be wearing a polished pair of business shoes and not their favourite pair of trainers.


A spritz of perfume is acceptable, but if you feel like you want to open all the windows in the room because they’ve doused themselves in cologne, that’s too much. Generally, interviewees should leave the perfume alone and stick to their antiperspirant.


Even if you’re a casual company, if an interviewee turns up at the reception wearing a suit, don’t count it against them, unless they’ve chosen badly. It’s better that they’ve dressed up rather than down. The suit should be well cut and the right size. Suits that are too tight or too revealing are inappropriate.

Blouses should be buttoned up so no cleavage or chest is on show. Skirt length should be no higher than just above the knee and office appropriate. The colours should be mild: blacks, greys, and navies. Shirts should be a respectable, not garish, colour, and should be tucked into trousers. Their clothes should also be well ironed and cared for.

The general impression should be smart and formal. If you can see any tears, holes, stains, or wrinkles, that’s not good, unless they have a very good excuse or a funny story about getting coffee split down them by one of your staff members – something beyond their control.


If jewellery is worn, it should be understated rather than shocking. Some simple adornments are fine, but if they’ve turned up to the interview dripping with bling, then that’s a faux pas. Stud earrings are preferable to dangly accessories which could become a health hazard. Bags should be presentable or they should be carrying a briefcase.


Make-up should be reasonably natural and hair should be conservatively styled. Generally, they should look neat and presentable. Men should have minimal facial hair. Clean shaven is preferable but well-trimmed facial hair should be okay. Nails should be trimmed and well taken care of – not caked with mud.

Dress Seasonally 

If your interviewee is wearing a summer blouse and skirt in the middle of winter, you have to ask yourself, do you want to hire an impractical person? Generally their attire should apply to their environment and the job they’re going for. 

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