How to Make Your Business Proposal More Attractive

business proposal

When willing for a new audience, the proposal is the thing that diverts and wins the heart. Sending the same formatted proposal to all the customers can make the loss of the opportunity. Customizing every project, according to the customer, would make better engagement and impressions.

However, we will discuss some of the best tips and strategies for developing and designing a proposal for your business that would be attractive.

An attractive and better business proposal can benefit you in two ways:

  • It helps you to be recognized and be memorable.
  • It supports making the deal done through a better offer.

These are the reasons why your business proposal should include the company’s profile and details.

What Is the Purpose of the Business Proposal?

A business proposal is becoming common in business companies because of the benefits that it provides. It acts like a streamline between the seller and buyer; hence it makes the business clarified between both the parties. 

One of another purpose of a business proposal is to act as a sales pitch to convince the customer. Your business proposal should have the strength of convincing power to satisfy your customer. 

If the proposal is enough to tell why the customer should buy your service, then there are chances of an increase in your sale. 

Things to Be Considered in the Business Proposal

The details and some attractive features will be discussed below, but here are some of the essential basics that must be included:

  • Title page 
  • Index/Table of Contents (in case of the lengthy proposal)
  • Summary 
  • Acknowledgment (i.e., problem)
  • The solution to the acknowledged problems
  • Claiming the services, you would provide
  • Timeline 
  • Offer about pricing
  • Information about the company
  • Testimonials
  • Procedure

business proposal

Ways of Writing the Business Proposal

Create an Outline of Your Proposal

Thinking and creating the outline of your proposal should be the first task in writing. It will be supportive in getting the point about which you are writing.

The outline structure should include the following facts:

  • Introduction to your business
  • Explain the problem of audience
  • Your services for the solution
  • Show some previous work through examples, case studies, and testimonials.
  • Costing of the project

Outlining and creating the map would help the reader about you perform your tasks. They will know your strategies and about why they should consume your services. 

Add Some Testimonials

Nowadays, customers believe in the company by going to their testimonials. Testimonials are the reviews by the ones who used the services of the company. 

Testimonials are the factor that gains the customer’s trust for your services. Testimonials are the original messages that can be positive or negative, which shows the trustworthiness of a website. 

The research of BigCommerce, about 72% of people trust a company through reading the testimonials. This shows that compromising on the testimonials may decline your engagement. 

Customers seek to strengthen testimonial that increases the originality of the company, as many people find for a testimony that is being provided by a famous person or high authority person.


The testimonials of Backlinko shows how two famous marketers are providing their reference to the Brian Dean’s website. 

Whenever you provide the quality services to the new customers, ask their review for testimonials.

Add Call-To-Action Section

The proposal never remains a proposal without the Call-To-Action section because it’s the primary way of inviting the customer to the next step of getting you hired.

The CTA section should be different from the rest of the proposal because it needs to be attractive and recognizable. However, an engaging CTA will divert the customer to follow you.

Consider adding a colorful background and stylish font to the section. 


Add Expiry to Your Proposal

According to an article on Business2Community, when a product is scarce, they get more value than before. This should be approached to your proposal, and the way is to mark your proposal until a specific date.

For example, you are offering a promotion on your products with 50% off. You should add the ending date of the offer so people might go for this early.


This way, you also don’t have to wait to hear from the customer. Besides the date, you can also add limited products like most of the companies add. 


Include a Way of Proceeding

The audience seeks the way of how you proceed with the tasks. Like if you are offering cargo services, the customer will need to know how you ship and clear the shipment.

You should include the procedure that would show the efficiency of your work. However, we have sorted out some of the things that should be included in writing the process:

  • Analyzing the problem
  • What steps will you take
  • Time management 
  • Cost management 
  • Your skills about each service

Add Your Packages

It’s not compulsory but better to add the packages about pricing. You should add multiple packages with variation in the features and services according to the prices. Here is an example:


Write Your Qualification

Are you qualified enough to solve the problem of the customer? The audience always asks for this question when reading your proposals. This section is the most important for communicating with the customer. This section is best to tell you about your skills and your grip over it. 

This section can also be used for mentioning the client’s success stories as well as any engaging awards if any.


Qualifications should include the following things:

  • Your education careers
  • Your successful projects
  • Company’s Awards
  • Unique services by your company that is different from others

Mention Terms and Conditions

This section will be the explanation of the procedure section. This section will discuss the rules and regulations of your company about a specific project. You will tell the details about the project timeline and accounts. 

Following are the everyday things that could be discussed in this section of terms and conditions:

  • Payments terms, i.e., advance payment
  • Cancellation policy, if applicable 
  • Discount offers over a specific criterion 

Here is an example of how most of the brands write the terms and condition:

Cancellation charges: 

Cancellation charges will be 10% until the 5th day of booking else it will be 25%. 

Payment Terms:

50% of the total payments will be paid in advance, and remaining dues will be paid after delivery. 

There are a lot more that can be added in the terms and condition section according to the niche and working of the company.  

Clarify Your Requirements

This section is the potentials to gain the customer’s trust. This is because this section will explain to the reader that you are aware of the problems that would be faced by the customer. 

The section will contain the requirement that is needed to work on the project or services you are providing. 

For example, a web designer will write the following content for their proposal.

Content: We require unique and relevant content to your niche that would be uploaded on your website. It should be written between 1000-1500 words with three keywords being highlighted. 

Information: We require complete information about your company’s work, history, services, and achievements. 

Graphics: We require a specific logo and different high-quality photos that would represent your website. 

Useful Tools for Writing a Proposal

  • Template Maker

Hiring a graphic designer for making your business proposal can be costly. However, numerous online tools are offering templates that need to change the content.

These tools contain various templates with different color combinations. The colors, visuals, and sections are editable and can be modified according to your desire.

Here is an example of a tool:


It comes with multiple libraries of already built proposal templates with various designs. It contains a fantastic color combination that would make your proposal attractive and impressive for your customers.

The templates that are available on this online tool can be customized. Through this, you can modify the colors, visuals, and sections according to your desire.

It’s an instant tool that requires just some minutes to be completed. It generates the proposal in PDF format that can be published anywhere. 



  • Make Unique Content Using Paraphrasing Tool

“Content is king,” and it should be looked, king. For this, your content should always be unique to get customers’ attention and to make their mind. Your proposal should include the material that is easily readable and understandable.

The best way of making your content unique is through using the best paraphrasing tool. This is an online tool and usually known as sentence changer. 

This tool will replace simple words with potential synonyms. This way, you can easily throw a positive and productive impression on the customer. 


Through the business proposal, you can make the recognition, engagement, and space in the market for your business. Having a fantastic proposal will bring more customer response as well as boost your company’s impact. 

The best business proposal contains the convincing power of satisfying the customer. Moreover, it includes everything about your company that is needed to be known by the reader. 

Settling for less in your proposal will not create an effective impression upon the customers and remember, “The first impression is the last impression.”


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