How to Motivate Employees Non-Financially?

How to Motivate Your Employees Non-Financially

The success of a business depends on the quality of its employees and the ability of the owners and managers to motivate their employees. While you may require highly skilled workers, and pay them above average salaries, at the same time you will need to battle motivational issues.How to motivate your employees non-financially?

While many companies tend to spend money on this issue in the form of bonuses and other financial benefits, the reality is that such methods of restoring motivation in your employees is not enough.

Take a look at the following methods that could act as great motivational tools without having to piss off any money.

1.      Flexibility

 Flexibility can be a great tool to attract and keep quality employees. Whether it is the opportunity to work from home, or leave early to attend a child’s baseball game. The opportunity to make up vacation time, spend time with their families on special occasions can all be great motivators for employees.

2.      Meals

 A hungry employee is not someone who you want floating around in your company. Hunger can take a toll on employees. Providing meals for employees can also save employees time and money, so that they don’t have to cook and pack their meals before heading to work.

While many companies argue that they urge their employees to get lunch packs from home, its not very convenient to do so.

This is why it is recommended that you have a healthy and quality eating area in your office premises which can be accessed by your employees at all hours of the day.

3.      Fun Work Environment

 Richard Branson, the billionaire aviation tycoon, said “don’t forget to have fun.” An employee is productive when he is giving his creative and imaginative best, and such levels of creativity can never happen in an office that has a boring work environment. This is why it is important that you have an interesting work environment in order to ensure that your employees are cheerful and having fun.

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