How to Plan a Successful Conference?

How to Plan a Successful Conference?

Once you’ve come to the realization that your group or business would benefit from holding a conference, there are many crucial steps involved in the process to lead to a successful outcome.How to Plan a Successful Conference?

First, the infrastructure of your conference needs to be set by putting together the people who will work together in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your successful conference. Next comes the planning of the conference, the publicizing of the event, recruitment and registering of participants, venue hire and holding the conference and lastly the evaluation process.

The Infrastructure or Organization Committee

Whether you have a relatively small business or large group of people running the conference you’ll need to discuss and set up a group of individuals responsible for the organization and running of the event. You’ll likely already have a list of the people best for the job. Create teams of people most likely to excel in certain areas, such as the organization of the event and the marketing aspect involved, getting the word out and publicity of the event. Many of these individuals will already have similar roles in their own jobs in your organization. Secondly, you’ll need to appoint a coordinator to oversee the entire process. When you set out certain tasks for individuals or groups, certain areas can be overlooked so it’s important to have someone responsible for the project as a whole.

Organize the Event

Once you’ve got your groups and team leaders set out, you can start handing out the jobs and discuss. Clearly outline your target audience and what you wish to gain from the event. Whether it’s held for networking purposes, to address a particular issue, hold awards or just to get your brand and name out to wider audiences make sure that all committee members understand not only their own roles but what you hope to achieve by holding your conference.

Obviously the next stage in the game is nailing down the particulars of the conference, namely date and time, venue, participants and format. There are many function rooms for hire in Sydney with tailored seating plans based on your specific needs. Some important factors to keep in mind when organising the specifics of your conference include:

  • Make certain your event doesn’t conflict with other events for your targeted audience.
  • National and International conferences should be scheduled far in advance to allow for participants expenses and travel times.
  • Annual conferences should be held at the same or close to the same time each year.
  • The date should not conflict with other important events for your specified target audience.

Once you’ve set the specifics of time, date, venue etc. you’ll need to organize the function itself with chosen guest speakers, key note speakers, presentations and awards, workshops, interactive sessions and lectures. You’ll also want to leave room for your attendees to network as networking may be an important factor when deciding whether or not to attend the event.

Get the Word Out

As mentioned you should have a team set up for publication and media in relation to the event. Spread the word and let people know about the event by announcements sent to leading individuals in relevant fields, print advertising in journals, magazines, advertisements, newspapers and newsletters. Get online with mass email campaigns, blogs and social networking. Online communication can play a vital role in gaining your audience and the best part, it’s free!


Once you have successfully held your conference, never walk away without seriously analyzing and evaluating the event. Take notes on the overall experience, the venue and its services, performances of staff and organizers as well as venue staff and guest speakers, lecturers, teachers etc. Evaluating the entire process will lead to even more successful conferences in the future.

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Kirsten Tanner is an Australian freelance writer, experienced in event organizing.

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