How to Plan Your Week Well?

How to plan your week effectively

One thing that we as adults struggle with on a daily basis is managing our routine. The world’s running a rat race and we all are a part of it. Every day we wake up, we are automatically reminded of the previous day’s unfinished tasks and the chores to be performed for the day.

The work looks all piled up and we are already in stress. It all seems like an impossible task and we get out of bed worried and unwilling to go to work. Weekdays are more of stress days and weekends seem to end super fast. And this, is a daily story.

One of the factors that cause this haphazard lifestyle is our cosmopolitan timings. Every third person today works for an international client and hence has to follow the client timezone. What adds to this is the fact that people from the same family work on different times and most probably miss work and personal life balance. It is very common that spouses meet only on weekends due to time differences. What follows is personal differences, increased stress levels, and a robotic lifestyle that pays high but doesn’t satisfy.

It is important to have a discipline in your daily routine to help you work efficiently. It is a proven fact that people who follow a time table are more productive and tend to finish their work before the deadline. However, people who do not follow a time table have a reason behind it. Making a time table is easy, following it is difficult. There are several other last minute things that come up, a few additional unplanned responsibilities that break the time table and once broken, it is broken. Here’s how you can plan your week so that you can accomplish more and channelize your chaotic routine.

Prioritize Your Work

Remember that the week starts with a Sunday. So before going to bed on Saturday, make a list of the important things that are to be done in the week. Categorize your work into two parts, the important and urgent work and the important but not so urgent work. Once you come up with a list, make sure you take up at least one task from each column everyday.

Make A To Do List and Follow It

Once you have divided your work into categories, take up activities from both the lists and divide it day wise. Once the To Do list is made, add it to your work calendar, to your mobile reminder, and stick notes at home so that you are reminded of your daily chores. Keep your list simple and achievable. Not all important things can be done on a Monday.

Prepare For Unplanned Work

It is imaginary that all that we plan will materialize. Additional responsibilities and unplanned urgent work is bound to pop up. Do not panic when it happens, prepare for it well in advance. When you prepare your list, leave some spare time for such contingencies. This way, your emergency tasks will not hamper your time table.

Indulge Into Hobbies

Research says that indulging into hobbies on a daily basis reduces stress levels, relaxes the mind and helps you think better and naturally work better. Listen to your favorite band on your way to office, read a book before going to bed, use the office gym, play with your kids. A relaxed mind makes space for better things.

Don’t Do Nothing on Weekends

We all wait eagerly for the weekend and end up doing nothing. Weekends are the best times to recharge your bodies and minds. Cook something good with your spouse, invite friends, go for movies, take your kids out, plan short outings, party hard, shop for yourself, but do something that makes you feel good. Doing nothing on the weekends will only make you feel miserable about the coming week. When you do something exciting, it peps you up, and boosts your spirit for the coming week.

It Is All In Your Mind

What we think, we become. Cultivate good thoughts and take every coming day as an opportunity and not a challenge. Nothing is impossible and we are just talking about planning our week well. Have good thoughts while you go to bed and wake up with good thoughts every morning. The power of good thoughts will bring about a positivity and positive people are always more productive.

Our robotic and monotonous lifestyles are just the results of unorganized schedules. Having a disciplined time table is the key to an organized lifestyle. Not everything that we plan is achieved in a day. It requires practice and patience. So don’t let go of your timetable if you fail to achieve it. Practice it. Over time, and with patience, you certainly will be able to plan your week efficiently and accomplish all that you want to.

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