How to save money on courier delivery costs?

How to save money on courier delivery costs?

Ask any person who has had to face trouble while couriering a parcel from one place to another and he will tell you that courier costs can really add up.

Courier service expenses are one of the expenses you take for granted and never challenge. While focusing on how to reduce costs, courier charges somehow go unchallenged. It is time this changed, because you can save a lot of costs here. After all, every penny matters.

So, here is a look at all the things that you should do and not do!

How to save money on courier delivery costs?Have a plan

Begin by assessing your current transport arrangements. You should have a plan in place for how much needs to be couriered, which one is priority shipping, which is fragile and urgent, and other factors.

Obtain Quotes

Yes, just availing a courier service at one go will probably not save you money – no matter how great you think the service is. It is always good to go to at least evaluate a few service vendors first before deciding on your move. Obtain quotes from the competitors of the courier service you are currently using. Thinking of you as a potential customer, they will offer you discounts and small freebies – you can then share this information with your current courier service who will feel obliged to adjust prices according to his competitors.

Designate pick-up points

Yes, you really shouldn’t miss out on this point. Always remember to designate pick-up points for delivery or picking. The door-to-door service is way more expensive. Also, keep track of rise in fuel expenses – because fuel expenses do rise regularly, you never notice when costs for couriers increase under this head – keep track of the increase and subsequent inflation on your mind.

Avail free quotes

Another thing you can use is getting free quotes from delivery services ( Remember, if you regularly use the services of a domestic courier but do not hold an account with them, keep your eyes open for hidden charges. Also remember to use ‘by-item’ shipping charges for large items.

Going green is the mantra!

And of course, remember to go green – this will not only help the environment but also you as you can save costs by sharing space and transit costs. Another wise thing to do would be to arrange for warehousing near strategic points like airports, docks etc. Lastly, remember to ask for discounts if you are bulk-shipping or have been a regular customer!

Follow these steps and you will notice a change in your financial statement. Considerably less expenses for courier services will lead to more profits and thus a more efficient and successful enterprise.


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