How to Win Customers Appreciation and Make Them Buy

How to Win Customers Appreciation and Make Them Buy

In order to find out whether your online store looks attractive in your customers’ eyes you have to put yourself in their shoes and fairly analyze all your advantages and weak points. Think like a customer, act like a customer and carefully sum up everything you notice.

Before investing funds into any advertising campaign to drive massive traffic to your store make sure that having visited your website, your potential clients will quickly find the products they need and be able to easily pay for them.

Now ask yourself whether you’d make purchases in a store like yours being a shopper. Does it look credible enough to provide it with your bank card data? In case you are hesitating to answer these questions there must be a lot to improve.

Let us briefly innumerate the aspects you need to pay your attention to:

Clear design and neat navigation

 Imagine that you enter a poorly lit store where you see hundreds of endless shelves without clearly indicated departments and any additional info. You don’t know where to look for the products you need and where you can pay for them. No wonder that you are likely to give up the idea of purchasing something in this store. The same thing is with any e-shop. Don’t put any obstacles on your customers’ path and let them easily find what they are looking for. Use more graphics and less plain texts – this will definitely make your pages easier for perception.

Make your contact info visible

Your customers should know that they will easily contact you for any assistance. And this is a really good idea to place your contact phone numbers on any category and product page. Let your clients feel safe thinking that they can get qualified help at any time.

Pricing policy and shipping details

Always timely update product prices and clearly inform your customers about the bonuses and discounts you provide. Make sure that discount conditions are easy to understand and won’t mislead your customers.

Carefully work out your shipping policy. According to the statistics, a great percentage of shopping carts are being abandoned because of unexpectedly high shipping costs and taxes. Thus, in order to provide your customers with the detailed expenses information calculate these numbers so that one could clearly see the final sum to pay. In case you use Magento – one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, you’ll easily select the appropriate Magento shipping module that will easily help you make precise calculations.

Show positive reviews

Reviews and testimonials are not only priceless sources of customers’ feedback, but effective marketing tools as well. Why not benefit from placing reviews on your home page? It’s a well-known fact that featured reviews displayed on your pages can visibly increase your conversions and boost your loyal audience.

Of course, this is just the top of the iceberg and you shouldn’t relax too early. In order to make your online store work you have to track all marketing changes and tendencies learning to implement new tools to your website.


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