How to Increase Awareness of Your LinkedIn Profile in 2021

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Social media has tremendous potential to boost your business; each platform has its relevance and user base that provides businesses opportunities to market their products or brand and at the same time provides a huge audience to amplify brand awareness.

With over 722 million members (stated by Foundationinc), LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most influential platforms that help businesses grow and attain more customers. As a result, businesses are now actively using the platform to reach out to the audience and complete their business goals.

LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional network on the internet. It helps its users to find a job, internship, connect with businesses, strengthen professional networks, contact business experts, and more. In simple words, it is a great platform for users to build their connections within or outside the industry.

With such popularity and relevance, it is evident that even businesses would like to extract benefits from the platform. Hence, we are witnessing a trend where businesses are actively using the platform. So if you haven’t thought about using the platform, we would suggest you use the platform as it provides your business with the opportunity to grow. 

As mentioned above, LinkedIn provides ample opportunities to reach out to the audience and reach business objectives. Hence people must be well aware of your LinkedIn presence. Hence, here are some marketing tips that can help you capture the crowd’s attention and eventually increase brand recognition.

Smart Tips to Reach Out to More Audience Using LinkedIn

Social media platforms are a great source of attaining more audiences for businesses. As various platforms are available on the internet, there are more opportunities to increase brand awareness and recognition.

LinkedIn is a great platform that allows businesses to market their brand, advertise their need for employees, and more. Hence, it is one of the major aspects of any social media marketing plan. So while you are thinking about adding it under your social media platform, here are some of the smart tips and tactics that you can keep in mind. These might help you in getting more audience for your LinkedIn handle and create some awareness about it.

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

While you make your LinkedIn profile, make sure you complete your profile and fill in all the details. A complete business profile helps a customer recognize the brand, and eventually, it can encourage them to establish a connection. It is vital to establish a connection because, as per Business of App, 50 percent of Linkedin members are more likely to purchase once they have engaged with a brand.

So make sure that you complete your profile and provide a complete idea to users about your brand and increase awareness. Because according to studies from the buffer, a complete profile has 2x more visitors. So make proper use of the space provided by LinkedIn and fill up your profile details. While completing the profile, don’t miss out on the following points.

  • Company logo
  • Company description
  • Website URL

All these pointers provide individuality to your LinkedIn profile and provide an overview to your consumers. Mentioning the website URL is a vital role, as it authenticates your profile and helps you direct traffic from the platform to your website.

For example, you can take Accenture, for example – The company has provided all the details about them in their bio. In addition, they have mentioned their website and have a well-written company description. They have also mentioned company size by proving the number of employees that work under them. Hence it adds great credibility to their brand.

2. Embed LinkedIn Posts on Your Website

As LinkedIn provides you with the option to mention your website URL on your profile to promote your website and capture more sales, likewise you also have the option to promote your LinkedIn profile on your website. Hence, you can embed LinkedIn feeds on your website. 

Various social media aggregators help you in collecting and displaying LinkedIn posts on your website. You can select the post that you want to showcase on your website. It creates awareness about your products and brand and, at the same time, provides a sneak into your LinkedIn profile to your visitors. So, even if someone is unaware of your LinkedIn presence, he will be able to connect with you on the platform with the help of the embedded LinkedIn post.

For example – Marak has adapted to this strategy very well, they have embedded LinkedIn posts from their LinkedIn handle on their website. The feed showcases the work culture and activity they are involved in, it brightens the brand’s character. It shows their work and how they celebrate it. Hence, it increases their reputation and, at the same time, provides a sneak into their LinkedIn presence.

3. Posts Visual-Based Contents

According to LinkedIn’s page, analytics posts with images witness a 98% boost in engagement. Because images and visuals help create an appeal on the profile and draw the users’ attention. And while you are at it, try to post regularly, maintain a schedule. If you are new to LinkedIn, try to post at least once a day. But keep in mind that you don’t overwhelm your LinkedIn connections; over-posting sometimes annoys people.

Also, if you are posting images, you can embed them on your website, as it enhances the visuals of your website. And eventually helps engage people to the website. So, creating a LinkedIn profile can provide you with multiple benefits.

Coca-Cola has been using this tactic for a long time and has been successful in it. And therefore have over 6 million followers on the platform. Coca-cola constantly posts visual-based content on their account, whether images related to their campaign or videos of their advertisement/brand integrations or interviews with their customers. It makes sure to keep the feed lively and hence it is able to attract more people to their account on the platform.

4. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile on Multiple Platforms

In this age of digital marketing, one cannot rely on one source for their marketing; while embedding a LinkedIn feed on the website is one source to market a LinkedIn profile, you can also use multiple social media platforms for the same purpose. You can share your profile link to these platforms, which can help you promote your LinkedIn handle.

For brand awareness, you need to have a huge audience. And as social media is enjoying great traffic and huge intake, you can extract the maximum benefit out of it. All you have to do is copy the link of your posts and paste it on different social media platforms. You can even click a screenshot and share it on different platforms to generate more audience and gather more people. This particular tactic is used by brands all over the globe. 

With this tactic, you capture the attention of a single social media platform and various other platforms. So you can imagine the number of people that will be able to see your content and recognize your brand. The scope to get more audience is enormous under this strategy, and hence helps you increase awareness about your brand and LinkedIn profile.

5. Connect With the People and Experts From Your Industry

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform that helps in connecting with industry experts and people. Search for the people that are related to your business and establish LinkedIn connections with them. Also, you can join LinkedIn groups that involve people within your industry. You can promote your LinkedIn profile and capture more attention by providing your insights and contributing to the group.

You can join a particular business group within your locality. And contribute to that by posting regularly or sharing your insight on any particular topic. It helps you attract the attention of other group members and eventually helps you increase your connection. You also get to know about all the recent happenings around you.

Also, you can even organize any event where you can promote your brand and spread awareness about it. 

LinkedIn also provides you with the facility to connect with industry experts. Hence you can ask for their guidance or contribute during any discussions they hold. In addition, it helps you draw people’s attention and hence can help you gain more followers on the platform.


There is no doubt that social media platforms are helpful to gather more people to market the products and services. If used smartly, one can easily achieve desired results. And while we talk about social media, we cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn. The platform is a great medium to connect with industry people and eventually boost the reach of your business.

LinkedIn is a perfect platform for businesses, it helps them to gain employees, gather more audience, organize and promote events or webinars. No one can deny the fact it is an excellent and well-made social media platform for brands and professionals. All you need are some amazing strategies and ideas to create awareness about your profile, and you can extract maximum benefits out of it.   


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