Social Media Experts Must Now Don the Hat of Designers to Take Full Advantage of Instagram


Whenever we talk about graphic design, the first thing that comes to our minds is a website. At one time, website creation was the ubiquitous domain of graphic designers who were part of a web development team. Things have changed because anyone who is computer literate enough can now create websites.

Creating WordPress websites does not need technical knowledge or coding, but you can create wonderful websites in a few clicks by using themes or templates. Graphic designers now have time to work their magic for the print ad or add the perfect graphic for a blog, but rarely do they take an interest in showcasing their skills on social media. Therefore, the job falls on the people that look after the social media accounts. Luckily, you can create compelling content by using social media graphics despite not being a designer. 

While there is always scope for graphic designers to step into the social media arena, social media account holders need to step up their game to become self-sufficient in creating social media content with the help of graphics, especially on visual media like Instagram.  The task is easy on Instagram that allows us to communicate through visuals that have a high impact on the audience. 

As of January, the number of monthly active Instagram users has reached 1 billion and half of these are active Instagram stories users, which is why more and more businesses are taking to Instagram for brand promotion and marketing by utilizing the aspect of visual storytelling besides communicating through Instagram feeds that help to stay consistently active on the platform.

Instagram campaigns like user-generated content are very forceful in connecting with the audience and creating engagement, but it takes time to garner likes, followers and comments organically. To speed up the process that can help accelerate the campaign and put it on a firm footing, most businesses use Instagram engagement providers to get increased likes, comments, and followers. These service providers offer connections with real people that will create the foundation for making the brand popular on the platform.

The Expanded Role of Social Media Experts

Usually, social media experts stay involved in researching the latest keywords or trends, responding to ratings or comments, writing content, scheduling posts to meet their brand’s needs. With the advent of Instagram that focuses on visual content, the social media experts are now also taking to creating images that match the latest brand message. Instagram has fueled the imagination and creativity of social media experts who can use their design skills to enhance the appeal of visual content. They are now taking the visual route to uphold the brands they represent to dominate the digital space.

Increasing Brand Reach

So you realize that Instagram has over 800 million monthly dynamic clients. Nonetheless, did you likewise realize that Instagram is probably going to arrive at 1 billion monthly dynamic clients in 2018? 

You might be asking why you should think about Instagram when Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly dynamic clients. 

6 million publicists are utilizing Facebook to contact their intended interest groups. Be that as it may, Facebook’s new update to its news channel calculation has made it harder for sponsors and brands to be seen and heard. 

Then again, Instagram now has more than 25 million business accounts with 80% of clients following, at any rate, one business. In this way, you have less rivalry on Instagram, yet also a more prominent extent of prevailing with your promoting. 

Thus, with such points of interest, it’s not amazing that brands lean toward Instagram over other online life stages.

Making the Transition

Social media pros are now making the transition to using their designing skills for transforming their entity from wordsmiths to a more comprehensive packaged entity that calls for both writing and creating visually stimulating content. Besides creating the text-based social media posts, they must also focus on creating the visuals, which are the mainstay of the Instagram platform.

They must know how to select the most relevant images to tell a story about the brand and engage with the audience by creating the desired mood underlying the message. They must strike a balance between creating impressive posts according to the brand needs. This calls for more immersive knowledge about the brand that the social media experts must now acquire to define the brand more succinctly through images. Visual branding is much more effective in creating brand engagement as people are more drawn to images than text. 

Telling Stories on Instagram

Since 2016, Instagram has added more options to showcase brands by posting stories on the Instagram Stories that remain visible for 24 hours and then save you can it for re-use later.

Social media experts can now blend their creative skills in design and storytelling abilities to create compelling content that provides more insights into brands and businesses. The story appears at the top of the follower timelines just below the Instagram logo. Use the feature to tell stories about what happens behind the scenes that throw light on newer aspects of the brand that allows the audience to appreciate it. 

You can use a variety of visuals like photos, GIF-like images, short videos, and live videos, and even videos filmed backward.  Story stickers are also a great feature to add engagement on Stories. Stickers can increase video viewership by 83 percent most of the time.

Winning Through Instagram Stories

Crowds today need, rather request, that brands share legitimate stories that reverberate well with them. 

Naturally, this propels organizations to grasp narrating in their discussions with their crowds. Also, with regards to narrating by brands, Instagram is the stage that captures everyone’s attention. 

Brand stories have jumped to 85 percent completion rate from the 69 percent completion rate in 2016. This may be because brands use fewer frames in their Stories and also because of the increasing usage of Stories of the viewers.

Instagram Stories have added to a 7 brief ascent in the time spent by a normal client on the application every day. At present, there are more than 300 million every day dynamic clients of Instagram Stories. 

With this chart, it effectively gets clear that Instagram is a visual stage, which has an extraordinary component to be specific “Instagram Stories”. 

Instagram Stories have opened up a universe of new open doors for brands. Not exclusively would you be able to utilize highlights like Geo-area labeling, hashtags, and text, yet also run promotions on Stories. 

In this way, check out it and get the best out of your image narrating to the crowd on the loose.

Honing Graphic Design Skills

It is no longer an option but a necessity for social media experts to be ready to design their visual content. While some experts may be gifted with basic design skills, others may have to brush up their hidden talent by learning the basics by taking up some short courses. The classes help those who lack the acumen but can develop it by gaining exposure. 

Another way to improve the skills is through self-learning from blogs and YouTube video tutorials to gain more in-depth knowledge and design tips. However, the process of self-learning works best for some lighter graphic programs that teach everything that can help to perform tasks that do not involve much heavy lifting yet serves the purpose of creating attractive content.

Boosting Engagement Rates

Did you realize that 500 million individuals are effectively utilizing the Instagram stage every day? 

In any case, it’s not simply the sheer number of individuals that makes brands rush to the stage. All the more significantly, Instagram is a stage that can create the most noteworthy commitment rates on posted substance. 

This is what miniaturized scale influencers need to state about commitment on Instagram. In a study by Bloglovin’, 59% of them said that Instagram is the best stage for drawing in crowds. This overview included more than 2,500 miniaturized scale influencers as respondents. 

Commitment rate is a key thought with regards to choosing influencers for your crusades. With the development and prevalence of Instagram, there has been an ascent in corrupt practices as well. A few organizations offer supporters in return at a cost. In any case, paid adherents are only from time to time authentic and for the most part a blend of phony records and bots. 

In this way, when you select influencers for a crusade, more than their adherent forgets about, look at their commission rates. The higher the commission rate, the higher the probability of an influencer being veritable and real. You can likewise track and measure your crusades successfully and make any alterations continuously. 

Presently you unquestionably don’t require any information on advanced science to comprehend why brands incline toward Instagram over different stages.

Values Taking Center Stage

Legitimacy is a major trendy expression in the influencer business. Be that as it may, it’s not only an influencer pattern. Customers progressively request genuineness from brands, as well, particularly as straightforwardness. 

As brands and influencers utilize their foundation to stand firm, advance qualities, and bolster causes, straightforwardness will be more important to hold genuineness. For instance, reasonable magnificence brand Elate Cosmetics broadly expounds to clarify the eco-qualities of its items and practices. 

Influencers will share more about their dynamic as a rule, and be more forthright concerning why they join forces with explicit brands. To look after trust, disclaimers, and clear naming between sponsored content and normal posts will be essential, especially in Stories.


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