Book Review: Become A Better You By Joel Osteen

After the success of his first book, ‘Your Best life now: #7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential’, which was on the best seller list for over 200 weeks selling over 8 million copies, Joel Osteen released his second book, ‘Become a Better You: # 7 keys to improving your life everyday’ in October 2007 which again made it to the best seller list of New York times. That’s Joel Osteen, one of the most watched inspirational sensations of all time whose weekly broadcasts are listened and watched by millions of people worldwide.

Become a better you: #7 keys to improving your life everyday

In this book, Joel Osteen will inspire and motivate you to develop yourself in various areas and to have a pleasing and calm personality. He shares seven keys that will help you improve your everyday life. They are as follows:

Keep pressing forward – Joel teaches us to never get ‘destination disease’, a condition which he calls when people just settle in life instead of aiming to go higher. Have a bigger vision for your life as you discover your destiny and purpose. Instead of settling where you are, plan to reach high and set a new standard for your family.

Be positive towards yourself – There are already enough arrows thrown at you from people. You don’t add to it and start hurting yourself more. Learn to draw the line and be kind and positive towards yourself. Learn to accept, love and embrace yourself for who you are.

Develop better relationships – Relationships are a part of all our lives. You have to develop healthy relationships with your family, friends, coworkers and the neighborhood. Joel gives you tips on how to develop good relationships wherever we go.

Form better habits – Your habits determine the direction of your life. Joel gives  practical tips on breaking the habits that are limiting and will eventually destroy you and to develop the habits that will help us reach our fullest potential.

Embrace the place where you are – Many people are not comfortable or happy about where they are in life. They are always comparing, grumbling and complaining about their situation. Joel turns our focus around and helps us to be content and to embrace the place where we are.

Develop your inner life – What is seen on the outside as a result of what is happening or present on the inside. The emphasis here is on having a tender conscious and be willing to accept a correction and to deal with the root issues. That’s the cornerstone of transformation. When we are tender, we can be disciplined easily to develop our personality.

Stay passionate about life –Instead of getting stuck in a rut and to dread facing each day, we should be more passionate about life knowing each day we live is a gift that we must cherish.

Undoubtedly, this book transformed my life. It helped me change the way I used to feel about myself. I have become more confident and the practical tips have also helped me in developing better relationships. The book also helped me to embrace every season of my life instead of settling down with self pity and depression. I really like the way Joel talks about grey matters in a simple, catchy and irresistible manner. The loads of real life examples really inspire and motivate us to keep pushing till we reach the state that we desire to be.

Though some of the principles are repeated from his previous book, its worth reading the many inspiring real accounts which will challenge you. I bet, you will surely become a better you after reading this book!

Osteen, Joel. Become a Better You: # 7 keys to improving your life every day. New York: Hachette Book Group. 2007.



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