Happy Employees: How to keep employees happy?

Keeping employees happy

There has always been a big focus in business on keeping customers happy, and putting their needs before your own in order to keep them as a customer, and hopefully encourage repeat business. The old adage is that the customer is always right, and most companies will bend over backwards to provide good customer service, and rectify any problems when they occur. But what about your internal customers? Those that work for you and play no small part in generating revenue for your business? They need the same level of care as customers so that you can get  the best value from your staff, and therefore increase profits as well as having a happy workforce. As they say, happy employees ensure customers are happy.

Here are a few ways to keep your employees happy.


It’s a common misconception that the way to keep your employees happy is just to pay them more, and offer financial incentives. Whilst this does help to some extent, and good work should be recognized for its value, it shouldn’t be the only method used, as staff will believe that you will throw money at them rather than address any deeper issues. Always follow through if you offer financial incentives, as a promise of a bonus that never materialists will upset more than motivate staff.


The way to show staff you care is to make sure that they have everything they need in order to do their job. If they feel important and valued as part of the company then they are more likely to be happier, and in turn, work harder. Care is providing the right tools for the job, taking time out to have a 1-to-1 chat about progress and their role in the grand scheme of the company, and also ensuring you have all the right legal things in place such as employer’s liability insurance and you’re up to date with HMRC.


As above, appreciation can be shown with extra cash, but often the real value is in just expressing gratitude for a job well done. It’s nice to shout about the good things that your staff are doing to the wider company, as this serves the triple purpose of thanking them, encouraging others to follow suit, and to explain how each individuals efforts work to build the company as a whole.


Benefits are the preferred salary bulker of choice with many business owners as many of these are not taxable. Providing a company car to workers who are on the road a lot will make them happier than running up the miles on their own. A pension contribution can help staff feel settled, or even just flexible working hours, all make employees feel valued rather than a cog in a machine.

If you can achieve happy staff, happy customers and a healthy business then you know you have made it and can rest. Keep the staff happy and enthused and the other two things are sure to follow.


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